7 Things Men Want in Women ...


What men want in women is simple: they want honest, reliable and confident women! It's not all about the looks anymore ladies, a guy wants someone that he can talk to and that he can plan on spending the rest of his life with! Below, I've got the top 7 what men want in women things, so you can keep tabs on what your potential new boyfriend might be looking for! Remember, what are you looking for in a guy? You might be surprised by what men want in women that doesn't revolve around looks!2

1. Stability

A man likes a girl that is stable, a girl that can not only commit to plans, but one that is willing to make them.

What men want in women is similar to what their mothers are and stability typically brings them back to their childhood.

So ladies, does that match up with your need/want of a man that's table?

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