15 Common Lies That Women Tell Men More Often than We'd like to Admit ...

By Lauren

15 Common Lies That Women Tell Men More Often than We'd like to Admit ...

It’s definitely not just men that lie to women, as there are plenty of lies that women tell men too, even if we don’t often admit to it. Just like many of the lies that men tell us, most of the common lies that women tell men are told just to avoid conflict, but lying will always cause problems in a relationship. Here are some lies that women tell men but would be unlikely to admit to.

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Money Isn’t Important

Most women would rather marry for love than money, but one of the most common lies that women tell men is that money doesn’t matter at all. While we may not choose our partners based on their income, a real lack of money can make life difficult and miserable, especially if it stops us doing what we want in life – having a family, for example.


Of Course I like Your Family!

Many women genuinely like and get along with their in-laws, but those that don’t are unlikely to admit it. Telling someone that you don’t like their family (especially their parents) can be really offensive, so it’s unsurprising that many women choose to lie to their partners about it!


Sure, Put the Football on

Plenty of women do enjoy sports, which is great, but many women at the beginning of a relationship pretend that they don’t mind sitting through endless hours of sports when really they can’t stand it. It’s best to be honest from the word go.


I Don’t Mind Cooking Again

Another lie told by many women at the beginning of a relationship is that they don’t actually mind doing all of the cooking, washing up and picking up of dirty underwear and socks. The patience to lie about this usually wears off pretty quickly, and very soon the man finds himself having to scrape his own dirty socks off of the floor.


I Was Wrong

Hands up if you’ve ever apologized for something, knowing that you weren’t actually in the wrong? Most women will have done this at some time or another just to bring an argument to an end. No doubt most men will have done similar, because let’s face it, no one really enjoys fighting.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

I’m Not Jealous

Many women will pretend they’re not upset if they catch their man checking out another woman or flicking through a dirty magazine, but the reality is often quite different. We lie because we don’t want to seem uncool, clingy or generally jealous and insecure. Usually the outlet for this is doing the same in return and trying to make him feel jealous too!


That Was Incredible

Near enough every woman has told a lie about their bedroom experience, be it ‘faking it,’ the old ‘size doesn’t matter’ or pretending not to be upset if a man suffers from a bit of erectile dysfunction. It’s also quite common for a woman to pretend that a man is the best (and/or the biggest) that she’s ever had.


I’m Fine

When he asks you what’s wrong, it feels natural to respond with, “I’m fine.” Of course, fine never actually means what the dictionary claims it means. Either you’re too tired to explain yourself, or you want him to figure it out himself. Why should you spell everything out for him? After all, he should know why you’re angry.


I’m Almost Ready

Whether you’re getting ready for a big party or a trip to the grocery store, you want to look your best. It’s not your fault that it takes an hour to apply make-up, do your hair, and find a perfect outfit. It’s stressful being a woman. When he rushes you to get out of the bathroom, you might lie just to keep him quiet.


She’s... Nice

Have you ever met your man’s ex or female friend? You don’t want to badmouth her, because it’ll make you seem catty. Your only option is to lie and say that she seemed nice. Of course, in reality, you hope to never run into her again.


I’m Not Mad at ALL

You can tell this lie in order to avoid a fight, but your face might give you away. If it’s clear that you’re angry, then it’s pointless to pretend that you’re not. Of course, when you’re angry, the sensible thing isn’t always the easiest.


I Have a Headache

After a long day, you just want to go to sleep. You love your man, but you’re not always in the mood to please him. You can’t just turn him down without a reason, so you say that you’re tired or have a headache. He knows that it’s a lie, but hey, it works.


Looks Don’t Matter to Me

You value personality over looks, but that doesn’t mean that appearances mean nothing to you. You’re human, so you’re going to be a bit superficial. There’s nothing wrong with admiring the hot men at your gym, as long as you remember that their brains are more important than their muscles.


You’re so Strong

Men like feeling masculine. If he does something as simple as opening a jar, you can inflate his ego with a compliment or two. It’s not hurting anyone, so why not?


I Was Only Kidding

After you say something mean, you can try to avoid taking responsibility for it by pretending that you were joking. Even if you actually were kidding around, the comment is still hurtful. If you know that your man doesn’t respond well to criticism, try to keep your jokes light.

Well, there you have it: 15 common lies that women tell but often won’t admit to. Some of them are totally harmless, while others could be potentially damaging for a relationship. Have you told many of these lies before, or are there some other ones that you are guilty of?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I have been guilty of most if these...sad

Abrar is totally right!!!! Sometimes we don't want to but we need to

Courtney, like your fiancé I am the same way "I am always right" mentality because of it he starts to get agitated and I always have to get the last word. I can be quite dominant in our relationship.

Yes men do hurt women, but what makes the difference is that it is never in their personal interest or intention...they do many mistakes but the intention is not play or harm by purpose. Women primarily uses feelings to achieve and accomplish and by that also to harm and manipulate ....it is really surprising why women has been born with gift to put children into this world.....YOU DONT PLAY WITH GUYS FEELINGS GET IT. Vaste majority of guys will never admit what i just did..in my remarks...and You know why ...they know deepest in that women do play with them and they dislike and disgust it...but they rather try to fake and lie about their feelings going down the drain...Poor poor females

You are just so terrible ....You lack completely selfawareness, You are ligthyears away from Altruisme .....selfishness dominate your sould and hearts.

omg this is so funny. cause its true. well most of them were

"soul" sorry typing mistake :(

Yeahhhhhh i do agree

1. Big lie unacceptable 2. don't care but don't make it obviously and points against you. 3. I don't like watching sports but don't lie about enjoying anything with me that you don't. I can always do my own thing later. 4. I cook too and every should. I'd be happy to take some slack off of you and if i really don't feel like it then take out wins. 5. self explained but I hold logic in high regard and don't have to be right all the time I really prefer to be informed when I am wrong or making a mistake. 6. a lot of times women think a guy is checking out another girl when he isn't there are some guys that don't really look at other women when they are in a happy relationship how ever addressing the issue if that is the case and i am checking a woman out then my only suggestion is not too pay too much mind for the same reason you do and that is you don't know what I am thinking about. 7. has never been my problem but I don't have to be incredible all the time. if I need work I am humble enough to except the truth and make the proper adjustments and as far as size goes I'm not the biggest in the world but I where magnums so if that isn't good enough for a woman then she is welcome to find a man that is more her fit. 8. Please don't do this. if something is wrong say it closed mouths don't get fed and although it's nice if they do? no one should know why you are angry. 9. I will give you this one because quite frankly I don't want to know what's keeping you. 10. My response: no she's not and that's why she's my ex. 11. A lot of you don't hide that as well as you might think once again communication is important to me. 12. you're not in the mood fine I can handle it. I'm not a child. 13. you'd better be lying about that one. 14. I don't like ball rubbing, it's disrespectful insulting and a waste of your time. 15. 9-10 I know your bullshitting and don't appreciate at the slightest. if you couldn't already tell my number 1 pet peeve is when people wear mask and hide their true feelings especially when you are with someone you are supposed to be in love with. This is part of the reason relationships don't last and people wind up hating each other afterwards. It only takes 8 pounds of plutonium to poison everything on earth, 4 pounds of pressure to knock a person out and 1 pound of lies to destroy a good relationship.