7 Things That Push Men Away ...


We do things that push men away a lot more often than we think.

We all have lists in our heads of things that men do that turn us off, but this is a two-way street, ladies, and you don’t want to go headfirst into oncoming traffic!

Here are some things that push men away.

1. Drama

This is definitely one of the top things that push men away.

Women tend to be involved in more drama than men.

It’s true that your boyfriend will be there to listen to you when you’re having issues, but being catty won’t highlight your best qualities.

And being overly dramatic about some petty issue, such as why he didn’t call you back within ten minutes, will make him question the relationship.

Try not to make a huge deal of something that can be easily fixed!2



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Haloooooooo pls help me
I am seeking for everyone help.. I am 25 years old currently working and studying in a local college.. From Jan to April i took a subject in my college and when almost end of the semester I kinda had felling towards my lecture.. I only have talked to him personally once.. I kinda liked him..Can someone help me on how to invite him out..
Good afternoon to everyone!! I am new to this chat.. I
There is this guy who I had a class with about two semesters ago. We never talked because I was too shy. He is cute and smart. He has this amazing smile that drives me crazy. Well this semester I see him in the hallway he is on his way to class and I'm waiting for my ride. The fist time he gave me a small smile and I smiled back. Since then I say hi he ask how am I and then I answer and I ask him his answer is mostly good but late to class. Yesterday it was going the same except I told him I liked his hat, which I did. The thing is that I have a crush on him, but that's the only "conversation" we have had. My friend told me I should ask him to go to the movies with me, but he doesn't know much about me and I don't want him to think I'm a freak. I also wonder if he is just being polite by talking to me and if It is like that should I wait for my ride somewhere else where he won't pass by?
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