7 Things That Push Men Away ...


We do things that push men away a lot more often than we think. We all have lists in our heads of things that men do that turn us off, but this is a two-way street, ladies, and you don’t want to go headfirst into oncoming traffic! Here are some things that push men away.

1. Drama

This is definitely one of the top things that push men away. Women tend to be involved in more drama than men. It’s true that your boyfriend will be there to listen to you when you’re having issues, but being catty won’t highlight your best qualities. And being overly dramatic about some petty issue, such as why he didn’t call you back within ten minutes, will make him question the relationship. Try not to make a huge deal of something that can be easily fixed!



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Brie Lowry
I don't have drama in my life, but the friends I hang out with do. I am afraid that he will think that I have drama! I do have some drama, but not much. I don't want him to think I am something I am n...
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Great advice
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