Facts about Losing Your Virginity ๐Ÿ’ฎ for Girls Who Are Worried It Will Change Them๐Ÿ˜Ÿ ...


Losing your virginity is a big deal, so it should be treated as such.

You don't want to sleep with someone and then regret it a few days, or even years, later.

It's best to wait until you're completely ready, so that you're comfortable with the situation.

However, having sex isn't going to change you as a person.2

In fact, here are a few other things that won't change when you lose your virginity:

1. Your Body

If you haven't already broken your hymen by playing sports, then your "cherry is going to pop" when you have sex for the first time.

However, other than that, your body isn't going to change at all.

Your vagina acts like a rubber band, so it isn't going to become loose after you have sex.

Your body will look the same as it always did, so there's no reason to be afraid of "ruining" it.

Your Relationship Status


@Sara, that isnt the point. The point is people have the free will to do as they please so if they arent harming anyone then it shouldnt matter. I know people who use drugs recreationally and are great people. Just cause someone does LSD or coke for a night doesnt make it a crime. At the end of the day they are choosing to do so.
June bug
@Alka: it's obvious that you know very little about drug addiction! With the exception of pot most drug use ends up a disaster both to the person using and the people that love them. I have lost several family members to death, including my mom and friends as well who were all wonderful, loving people before they started using. Drugs will ruin your life in the long run, especially if you think you're immune to them.
Also people are mammals which means we are animals and it is in our animalistic nature to want sex and there is nothing wrong with that no matter what gender you are. Always keep that in mind.
Using drugs shouldnt be considered a "crime" as long as you dont hurt anyone. It is a personal decision one makes. Really think before you write.
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