7 Sexy Things Your Boyfriend Needs to Hear from You ...


7 Sexy Things Your Boyfriend Needs to Hear from You ...
7 Sexy Things Your Boyfriend Needs to Hear from You ...

We all love to hear sweet things from the person we love. Hopefully you say sweet things to the person you love as well. Of course, what is sweet and meaningful to us isn’t always the same thing our boyfriends want to hear in exchange. Here is a list of 7 things your boyfriend deserves to hear from you.

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You Are a Good Man

Men love a little ego stroke. Remind him how good a man he is. Give him examples of things he has done recently that back this fact up. He will be thankful for your kind words.


Telling your boyfriend just how much you appreciate his good-natured acts, his integrity, and his kindness can really boost his confidence and deepen your connection. When he steps up or goes out of his way to help, make sure to recognize it. Your affirmations reinforce his positive behavior and show that you don't take his goodness for granted. It's not just about acknowledging him as a good man in general—it's about letting him know that you notice and value the specific things he does that make him so special to you.


You Make Me Feel Loved

Chances are your boyfriend does a lot to show you how much he cares. Even the small gestures add up. Let him know these things aren’t going unnoticed and his efforts are much appreciated and show you how much he cares.


Darling, every little thing you do warms my heart—you're my safe haven. From bringing me my favorite snacks out of the blue to texting me goodnight when you're away, your actions speak louder than words. Tell him how his warm hugs and spontaneous kisses make every problem fade away. By acknowledging the security and tenderness he provides, you assure him that his love is your fortress against the world's chaos. It's that feeling of being loved that truly keeps the spark alive.

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I Am Sorry

Girls, I know we don’t like to admit when we are wrong. It’s a tough pill to swallow. However, sometimes the best thing to do is to own up and admit our mistakes. This humble gesture is sure to mean a lot to the one you love.


Apologizing doesn’t just pave the path to reconciliation; it shows maturity and the depth of your feelings. It is a simple, yet powerful way to heal the bumps and bruises of a relationship. Letting out a sincere “I am sorry” reflects strength, not weakness. Remember, it's not about winning an argument but cherishing a loving connection. And when it comes from the heart, it can be incredibly sexy, telling your beau that he's valued more than your ego.

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Future Plans

We all have dreams about the future. Share your plans with him, especially the ones that include him. This will show your man that you are in this for the long haul and want him in your future, not just for the moment.


Discussing future plans can ignite a deeper connection as you weave your dreams together. Talk about the places you'd love to explore with him, or the cozy Sunday mornings you envisage sharing. Express excitement about milestones like moving in together or adopting a furry friend. When you show enthusiasm for a future with him, it reinforces the idea that he's not just a current fling but an integral part of your life story. Let him know he's your partner in crime for adventures yet to come, and watch how this opens up a wellspring of intimacy and commitment.

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Thank You

If you have been together for a long time, you might have become used to his endearing ways and the little extras he does for you, such as holding open a door. Instead of taking these things for granted, thank him.


Expressing gratitude can rekindle that spark in your relationship. A simple thank you for even the smallest gesture shows that you acknowledge and appreciate his efforts. It's a powerful affirmation that you value him, not just for what he does, but for who he is. When he sees your eyes light up with genuine appreciation, it will make him feel loved and special. It's the perfect way to deepen your connection and keep the romance alive. So next time he surprises you with your favorite coffee or listens patiently to your stories, take a moment to say thank you—it means more than you might think.

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You Have Changed My Life

If you have been together for a bit then your life has probably changed for the better in some ways. Let your man know how he has improved your life or been an important part of hard times you have endured with him by your side.

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You Are Handsome

Girls love to hear how beautiful they are, but we don’t always think to tell men how attractive they are. Pay your man some well-deserved compliments on his appearance. His response is bound to be super adorable and bashful.

How often do you say these things to the man you love? It’s easy to forget some of them. But now that you are aware, try to work these in here and there. What are some other things your boyfriend deserves to hear?

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I say these things all the time. He really appreciates it when I do. It's good to show your man some love and not always just down below 😏. Men want to be appreciated too 🙌🏿😍❤️

Saying, I love you.

Amazing 🍷

You rock my world!

Sending each other cute love quotes

Sending him some "Edible Arrangements" or some "Sharis Berries" just because!

Often enough to where WE BOTH KNOW he can Never say that I Don't, best believe.

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