Fun Twists for Girls Who Want Making out to Be Much More Fun ...


Fun Twists for Girls Who Want Making out to Be Much More Fun ...
Fun Twists for Girls Who Want Making out to Be Much More Fun ...

It's always nice to get a smooch from your partner. However, making out can become bland if you do it too often without switching up your routine. That's why you should shake things up by adding new material into the mix. If you can't think of anything fun to do, here are a few twists to make making out more fun:

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Put an Ice Cube in Your Mouth

Most of the time, your lips and tongue will feel pretty warm. That's why you should shake things up by popping an ice cube into your mouth before you kiss your man. Swirl it around in order to get your entire mouth feeling frozen. That way, when you kiss him, he'll feel an entirely new sensation. It'll send chills down his spine--in a good way.


Just remember not to overdo it, as too much cold can actually be uncomfortable or numbing. Instead, aim for a teasing effect – let the ice cube melt a bit in your mouth, so it's cool but not freezing. This tantalizing contrast between your warm bodies and the cool kiss will make the moment electric. Plus, you can gently trace the ice along his lips before you fully dive into the kiss, heightening his anticipation and making every touch a thrilling shock of sensation.


Chew Flavored Gum before Kissing

Before you kiss him, you can chew on a delicious flavor of gum, or even a few of the same colored Skittles. When you finally lock lips, he'll taste what you've just tasted. Then he can guess what the flavor is. If he's wrong, then you have to keep kissing him until he can get it right.


Write Body Parts down on Dice

Grab some dice and some pieces of tape that you can place on each side of the dice. Write different body parts on those pieces of tape, and then roll the dice. Whatever body part you land on is the body part that you have to kiss on your partner. If you're not sexually active, remember to keep it G-rated by naming innocent body parts like the neck, the back of the hand, and the lips.


Get creative with the names on the tape—perhaps even mixing in a few unexpected areas like the earlobe, the tip of the nose, or the wrist to keep things lighthearted and playful. If you want to up the ante, include some more sultry spots, but make sure both you and your partner are comfortable with the selections. It's a great way to add a touch of spontaneity and excitement to your make-out sessions, ensuring that every roll of the dice brings a delightful surprise.


Sit Close without Touching

Making out will feel much more exciting when you're both eager to grab each other. That's why you two should sit so close that your lips are almost touching. Stay that way for as long as you can, and see who gives in first. Here's a secret: It doesn't really matter which one of you gives in, because the temptation is going to make that kiss hotter than ever for both of you.


Blindfold Yourself in the Middle of a Makeout

Most people close their eyes before kissing anyway, so this activity shouldn't feel too weird for you. All you have to do is grab a blindfold, or a scarf that can work as a blindfold, and tie it around your eyes. Not knowing when your partner is going to lean in for another kiss can really make you go wild.


See How Long You Can Kiss without Stopping

It's time to challenge yourselves. You should get into kissing position and then see who can last the longest without stopping to pull away for air or to take their shirt off. The winner gets a compliment!


To keep things interesting, make a little wager before you lock lips. Perhaps the loser owes the winner a massage or promises to do the winner's least favorite chore. Engaging in a light-hearted competition can add an extra layer of fun to the kiss and give both of you something to strive for – other than the mutual enjoyment of a record-breaking smooch, of course! So pucker up, set the timer, and may the best kisser win. Remember, it's all in good fun, so keep the mood light and playful.


Put Chocolate on His Lips

If you have some melted chocolate, you can place it on his lips and then lick it off of him. Of course, if you're sexually active, you can place that melted chocolate all over his chest before you lap it off.

Your partner is going to love kissing you, no matter how often you do it. Of course, that shouldn't stop you from trying out these new techniques that can make your make out sessions even sweeter. What else have you done to make kissing more fun?

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My bf would be like wtf r u doing?

Tres risqué! Naughty!

This is interesting but I am forever alone so.......

#7...What does being "sexually active" have to do with putting chocolate on your mans chest..I thought you were going to say his mini him

@Asimo lol

Number 3 sounds amazing!!!!!!!

Omg I would end up in the ER if I tried to balance a tongue and ice cube in my mouth.

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