15 Unexpected 😱 Moves Your Man Will Love ❀️ in Bed πŸ› ...


For any girl reading this article you probably have picked up a Cosmopolitan once in your life to gain some knowledge about sex and to look for some unexpected moves in bed men love.

I'm going to go beyond that data and share with you 10 of the top unexpected moves in bed men love.

This information is based on listening to strangers, good friends, and doctors share what has shocked them, pleased them, and turned them on in bed.

It's scary enough to try something new with a guy and not know how they are going to react, but with these tips you'll be ahead of the game.

You'll come off hot, sexy, and confident because you'll know all of the unexpected moves in bed men love.

1. Let the Guy Take Control

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A lot of times women feel they need to prove their sex skills in bed.

Of course it is hot to see a guy get off by what you are physically doing to them, but they aren't the only ones who deserve to be pleasured.2

Ladies, sometimes you need to let a guy prove his sex skills to you too.

A major unexpected move in bed men love is to tell them to show you what he's got.

Put yourself first and make him do the work.2

He'll be so turned on by the challenge, and can't wait to get you to the finish.

2. Make Foreplay Last

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Foreplay is definitely an expected move in bed but it's what you do with it that makes it one of the hottest moves in bed men love.

Foreplay doesn't just start in the bedroom.2

It starts with that initial meeting, the texting, the conversation on the date.

Everything is a build up to the main event.

When it comes to oral sex touch every part of his body except his penis.

The tension and teasing you create will make him crazy!

Spend as much time licking, kissing, and caressing his inner thigh, his stomach, his neck, etc.

until he can't take it anymore.

The amount of time you have taken leading up to the moment you take him in you will make it the best unexpected surprise.

Bring on the Dessert
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