7 Ways Things Might Get Weird in Bed ...


7 Ways Things Might Get Weird in Bed ...
7 Ways Things Might Get Weird in Bed ...

Girls, who hasn't experienced those weird things in bed? Intimacy isn't always the most smooth sailing experience. Sometimes there's strange noises, awkward positions, and a lot of fear that comes in to play. Sex is already a vulnerable act between two people so when things get weird in bed it just makes it a bit uncomfortable. I'm here to share with you some tips to keep in mind in case things get weird in bed!

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Lost Condom

This may sound like a very random moment, but it does happen. I had a girlfriend, who had sex with a guy and he continuously was losing the condom in bed. The next day she dug out three condoms. Sometimes guys like to think of themselves more macho than they are and choose to put on a condom that is bigger than their penis. What ends up happening is just that, a lost condom. Girls, make sure you are being safe in all aspects. Come prepared, caring a pack of medium sized condoms in your bag, that way, if a guy loses that gigantic condom in bed, you'll be the hero of the moment!


Awkward Noises

This is the most common weird thing in bed. Our bodies naturally create noises together that are out of our control. The best way to deal with it is laugh it off. It's no fun for either party to feel embarrassed or shameful, and you definitely know where they are coming from when an awkward noise slips. So, have fun and make the other person feel comfortable, because the faster both of you are able to find the humor in it, the more enjoyable the experience will be.


When Positions Don't Work

It's always fun to be adventurous and try new things in bed. When we see that beautiful romantic sex in the movies, first thing we want to do is to repeat it at home. The reality is, ladies, it's never as it seems in the movies. Sometimes our legs go flying, our hips and their hips don't connect the same, or our bodies don't bend that way. Every person is different and it can become frustrating and embarrassing when the picture in our brain isn't happening in reality. This is definitely where weird things in bed happen but it's something to be aware. Positions just don't always work out the way you want.


Figuring out What You and Your Patner Want

When you begin having sex with someone it's new for both people. Knowing what you like in bed is the first step to helping out your partner. When you know your turn-ons and how to enjoy yourself your partner will also be able to figure it out easily. It takes time to learn about each other's bodies, but that's the whole fun part! Take your time and don't be afraid to take control and tell someone what is working for you and what isn't. The command is a sexy turn-on too!


Body communication is as crucial as verbal, so embrace the cues. Whether it’s a subtle moan or the grasp of sheets, these signals help partners gauge each other's pleasure levels. Don’t shy away from the occasional guidance—your partner’s not a mind reader, after all! Remember, confidence is key; owning your desires can actually be an aphrodisiac. And if things feel offbeat? Laugh it off together. Intimacy isn't just about syncing up perfectly; it’s also about enjoying those quirky moments that make your connection uniquely yours.



Girls, how many times have your nerves gotten in the way of rocking your man's world? Our fear is one of the easiest ways for things to get weird in bed. A lot of time we plan and fantasize, and come up with all these fun things to do, but when you get to the moment, you forget everything. Sometimes it's like you have a checklist and end up rushing through it because you aren't staying in the moment. Remember, the guy is as nervous as you are, even if you don't see it. Try to relax and remember, you are the one, who holds the power. That is key!


The Goodbye

You just had the big finish and it's the moment of, "do I stay or do I go?". Some girls want to stay and cuddle and some don't want to be "that girl" that clings around after sex. The goodbye is that unspoken awkward moment that's a major weird thing in a relationship. The best thing to do is to not stay around unless your guy asks you too. Be respected as a woman and let him offer you water, or walk you to your car, but don't invade his space if you aren't invited. Keep it simple, and without any expectations. That way you don't have to over-think the goodbye, and make yourself crazy in the head.


Moments, when You're Stuck

Ever have that moment when a guy has you wrapped in his arms and you can't move? No girls, not that sexy pin you down position, I'm talking about those "arms kind of stuck", "head turned weird", "body leaned back painfully" positions. When you have this weird things in bed moment, take control and break free from your guy. Flip him into a position that you find comfortable for yourself. If you can't break free, naughtily bite his lip and tell him to lean back. You'll be able to feel confident and turn him on all at once!

Always remember to laugh, play everything off as no big deal, and enjoy yourself! Things only can get awkward if you let them get awkward. There's no reason to be scared about being intimate with someone. These "7 Ways Things Might Get Weird in Bed ..." are here to read and read again to help you realize everyone goes through the same experiences! Have you already had any of these weird moments? Which ones you wish you could avoid?

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like this articlel <3

Hi i dont enjoy sex at all os there soma wrong wid me.plzzzz help

Excellent article because all of these are damn near universal and true. A co-worker of mine did a kiss and tell of how condoms kept getting lost in her "whoo-ha" like she was somehow responsible...really? No hon, he was a little too generous to his ego when he and his willy went to the drugstore.

Is being fngured the same as sex?

Make sure he treats you with the respect a woman rightly deserves & offers you a glass of water after meaningless, nameless sex. Good advice that.

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