10 Ways to Start a Flirty Conversation with a Guy ...


Learning how to start a flirty conversation with your crush or even just a guy you just met isn't easy.

Guys are sometimes really hard to talk to first right?

Well ladies, I've got a fool-proof guide to the top 10 ways on how to start a flirty conversation with a crush or a guy you just met!

These tips will not only help you start a flirty conversation, but they will also help keep the conversation flowing free!2

1. Read His Body Language

The first tip on how to start a flirty conversation is to read his body language.

Is he interested in you?

Only one way to find out!

Flirt with him a little, see if he responds, see if he reciprocates.

Does he lean in a little just to smell?

Is he giving you small little touches?

If so, he's definitely interested and the conversation should flow a little easier!

Start with Small Talk


Hey im in grade 8 and im friends with a lot of boys via facebook and i chat with them and flirt with them online but as soon as i see them at school i freeze and turn away!! Help what can i do!?
Heather Jensen
Hi Jo Jo! Honestly, I don't think that you should ever, ever mix family relations. I know that you might have a crush on your cousin -- but you have to move on. :)
jo jo
hey im jo and umm........... wel.... hav a crush on my 2nd cousin hes 15 an im 12 please help me figure ou wat 2 do
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I'd see if you can let him be the one to talk to you. :) Make him chase you and that'll tell you if he likes you.
Anonymous:hi i met this guy in rugby last year and he liked me but i kinda got shy were in the same school this year and i really like him but i dont talk to him that often apart from in facebook , i always seem to be the one to start the convo ,but i honestly don't know if he likes me or what i should do could you please help
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