7 Ways to Thrive in Your Marriage if You're Married to Your opposite ...


Do you ever wonder how to navigate the day to day if you're married to your opposite?

Sometimes it can be hard and quite challenging when you butt heads with your lovable spouse on a daily basis because both of you couldn't be more opposite.

They say opposites attract and I'm finding this absolutely true for more and more couples!2

What inspired me to write this article actually is the fact that my husband and I couldn't be more different.

So, if you're like me and are married to your opposite, or perhaps you're dating someone with a much different personality than you, then keep reading!

Hopefully these tips will help.

1. Realize You Complement Each Other

A good thought to always keep in mind if you're married to your opposite is that you and your spouse complement each other.

Where one is weak, the other is strong.

I was once told of the image of two hands interlacing- that's how a marriage should look, each person fills in the gaps of the other, making the perfect complement.

Marrying Yourself is Just Boring


I couldn't have loved this article any more. Well said about everything! 😍
i'm not married (yet!) but my boyfriend of 5 years has been majorly hinting that he wants to marry me after college. we are opposites. I talk A LOT and he just a listener. he is self contained and i wear my emotions on my sleeve. i'm the negative person in the relationship, and he's the positive one always seeing the best in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. I get angry really fast, and he just doesn't. he's more independent, and i'm constantly asking for help and needing someone there with me. sometimes we fight (mainly me picking fights with him…) because he's not talking as much as i want him to or just being too much of an opposite. but then, i can't see myself with anyone other then him. we compliment each other. he says he likes my spontaneity, and i like the fact that he is more grounded and stable because sometimes i need that. however, i see how my parents are– they are opposites. and my mom is lonely almost all the time and they argue and sometimes don't talk for a while. I don't want that type of relationship, but then i don't want to marry someone just like me (honestly, i'd have more arguments with someone just like me then with someone opposite!)
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