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7 Love Cliches That Feel True when You're in a Happy Relationship ...

By Holly

Love cliches can get annoying when they’re overused in films and novels. You always hear the same phrases over and over again with little alteration. However, once you fall in love, you realize how true love cliches can be. In your mind, they’ll change from being silly little sayings to how you genuinely feel about your man.

1 Heart Skips a Beat

When he looks at you or tells you he loves you, you might lose your breath for a moment. Why do you have such a powerful reaction? Your heart can skip a beat when you see him, because you’re so overwhelmed by the thought of him. You love being around him and your body is telling you so. This is one of the love cliches that can make you roll your eyes when you hear it in a romantic comedy, but it feels amazing when you actually experience it.

2 Can Only See Him

Even if you’re in a crowded room, it can feel like he’s the only one with you. When you’re in love, you become focused on the other person. He’s the most important thing to you, so you’re more aware of him than the others around you. You don’t realize what anyone else is doing. All you know is that your love is in the room with you and that he's all you need.

3 Sounds like Music

When he talks, you swoon, and his laugh is the sweetest sound in the world. When you’re in love, the other person is amplified in your mind. Everything that he does is perfect. Every sound that he makes seems like music. You could listen to him all day, because his voice is melodic to your ears.

4 Floating Feeling

After a perfect kiss, you’ll get a weightless feeling. You can equate the sensation to floating or flying. It occurs when you’re at your happiest and most relaxed. You’ll know that your guy is right for you if he’s able to make you feel this way. It’s a heavenly feeling that you’ll want to experience again and again.

5 Fluttering Butterflies

Have you ever gotten butterflies? When you get a flutter in your stomach, it’s because you’re nervous and excited. The butterflies are most prominent at the beginning of a relationship, but don’t go away once you’re in love. You can feel butterflies when you’ve known someone for years. It’s a small sign that you really care about the person you're dating.

6 Weak in the Knees

Have you ever felt like jello? When you love someone, your chest and stomach aren’t the only places that can feel funny. Sometimes it’s difficult to remain standing when the man you love is near. He can have such a strong effect on you that you’ll be unable to perform common actions. Standing becomes difficult, because your entire body is responding to the sight of him.

7 Beautiful inside and out

When you love someone, you love everything about them. You love the way he looks and the way he speaks. You love the funny faces he makes and the way he tells jokes. You can’t choose to love either his appearance or his personality. When you truly care about him, you’ll adore everything equally.

When you fall for someone, it’s easy to slip into using cliche sayings. Have you ever been in love? If so, have you found any of these cliches to be true?

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