7 Ways to Rekindle Romance in a Long DISTANCE Relationship ...


7 Ways to Rekindle Romance in a Long DISTANCE Relationship ...
7 Ways to Rekindle Romance in a Long DISTANCE Relationship ...

If you and your boyfriend have hit a very rough patch, I have a couple of helpful ways to rekindle romance in a long distance relationship. Often long distance couples find that they are stuck in the same daily routine and the newness has worn off so boredom has set in. Fortunately, if you truly love each other and are willing to put in the effort, your relationship can be even better than before. Try these ways to rekindle romance in a long distance relationship if you want to remove the blahs that have invaded your relationship.

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Surprise Him with a Visit

If it has been a while since you have seen each other, this is the perfect time to visit him. A spontaneous visit is one of the best ways to rekindle romance in a long distance relationship. By now you should be familiar with his schedule, so choose a time when you know he will be free to hangout with you. Plan low-key activities such as a picnic in the park.


Search for New Online Activities

Speaking from a lot of experience, I can tell you that spending quality time together is essential for the survival of your relationship. If you can’t visit him, try to find something online to do together that you both will enjoy. Many couples play online games where they team up together or compete against one another. Or they listen to new music, use webcams or watch movies together. He will appreciate the effort and know that you want to spend time with him.


Remind Yourself Why You Love Him

Sometimes it suddenly hits you that those loving feelings toward your boyfriend have faded but you aren’t sure what to do. Before you do anything drastic such as suggest a break or declare that you want an open relationship, remind yourself why you fell in love with this guy in the first place. Make a list of all the qualities that you adore about him. This exercise will help you gain new appreciation for your guy and help reignite those passionate feelings once again.


Reflect on the special moments you've shared; the late-night calls, the surprise gifts, or the way he makes you laugh. Remembering the shared dreams and plans for the future can also be a powerful reminder of your connection. It's easy to lose sight of these things in the day-to-day, especially when the physical presence is missing. Revisiting memories through photos or saved messages can also stir up that affection. Reconnect with those initial sparks and let them light up the path back to a warm and loving place in your relationship.


Write Weekly Love Notes

Technology has made communicating so convenient with text messaging and e-mails, but there is still something really special about sending love notes through the mail. Write him a love note on romantic stationary. An extra touch is to add a lipstick impression at the end or dab your favorite perfume on it, which will remind him of the times he got to hold you in his arms. These kind of romantic love letters will help fuel the passion and desire you feel for each other.


Hot and Heavy Phone Conversations

Another great way to rekindle your romance is to make your phone calls more intimate. In order for a long distance relationship to stay sizzling, you have to make him lust for you. If you are new to phone sex, it's all about using your imagination to arouse each other. You could remind him of the last time the two of you were intimate. Or you could tell him what you would do to him if he was there. Be as descriptive as possible.


Do Something Sweet for Him

Let him know how much you love him by doing something unexpected and sweet for him. For example, you could send him his favorite baked treat. Or you could him a gift basket tailored to his interests. You could also have a meal delivered from his favorite restaurant.


Send Creative Text Messages

Text messaging is a great tool that can make a couple feel closer to each other. Be creative in your texts. Express how much you love him at random times during the day. Send him a racy photo of you when he least expects it. It’s these little things that will help the two of you enjoy your relationship despite the distance.

Those are just a couple of great ways to reignite the passion into your relationship. Ladies, do you have other suggestions that can help rekindle a long distance romance?

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