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7 Steps to a Happy Marriage ...

By Renee

There are 7 steps to a happy marriage that will not only help to bring back that spark of years gone by, but will also help you to connect on a whole new level. Marriages have a life all their own, which require us to feed and nurture them. These steps to a happy marriage will get your feet on the right path to happily ever after.

1 Listen

I know you think you do, but do you really? Hearing and listening are two totally different verbs. Thus, the different letters that make up the words. When you really listen to someone, it’s a validation that they mean enough to get your attention. And there’s nothing sexier than someone who looks into your eyes, drinking in your words, syllable by syllable, and that's why listening is the first of all the steps to a happy marriage

2 Listen... Again

Have I mentioned this one yet? In case you were hearing and weren’t quite at the listening phase, I think maybe it should be repeated. This is a two-way street that each person behind the wheel needs to take in each direction. It will get you both to your destination that much quicker…

3 Listen...One More Time

So, one more time. There is nothing, not lingerie, silk sheets, or Chanel Parfum, that will turn on your man like a woman who gives him her rapt, undivided attention. And in the law of reciprocation, what you give, you will get back. The L-word will lead to the S-word….satisfied, sumptuous, sweet serendipity.

4 Romance

Who’s to say that a Wednesday night can’t hold a little body-hugging black dress, roaring fireplace, and a slow dance or two? Or, once the kids are finally in bed, how about playing a little footsie underneath the blanket on the couch as you watch your favorite reality show? Everyday romance can pack a romantic wallop like no other. To know that any day, every day, could hold that va va voom, is reason enough to put that special lipstick on just to do laundry.

5 Dance

The first relationship advice my sweet mom ever gave me was to marry someone who will talk with you and dance with you when you’re 80. So why not put on those dancing shoes now? You don’t have to go beyond the kitchen sink. One person has to ask, and the other just needs to say yes. To move together, swaying to the music as one, sinking into the heartbeats of each other… this is what Tony Bennett songs are all about!

6 Travel

There is always a new experience waiting to be shared. Whether it’s down the road or across the globe, continue to experience the wonders of this beautiful world together. Seeing something for the first time will create unique memories for the both of you. And unlike other travel bugs you may get, this is one you will want to experience over and over!

7 Laughter

The only way to make it through some of the greatest tribulations in a marriage is to laugh beyond reason. Finding the glimpses of hope and happiness in the depths of a crisis or even a mundane period is the way to endure it until you can get out of it. And shared laughter is the best kind. If you can laugh together, you have connected. And if you can still connect, the magic can go on and on.

What is the way you create romance in your relationship? There is not just one recipe of steps for a happy marriage. What is the advice you have given to others to make the fizzle a sizzle?

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