8 Adjustment Tips for a New Relationship ...


There are so many tips for a new relationship out there, how do you know which ones to follow? There are so many ways to get comfortable in a new relationship, it's really difficult to actually tell which rules are going to work out for you. If you're in a brand new relationship and are dying for some tips for a new relationship, take a look below girls! I've got all of the adjustments and tips that you'll need!

1. Depending on Someone else

One of the biggest adjustments that I had to make when I was first starting out in a relationship was learning to depend on someone else. This is one of the tips for a new relationship that you've got to take a heart girls, especially if you are super independent. Sometimes, it's okay for your partner to take care of you and for you to lean on them if you need something.

Letting down Walls


Heather Jensen
Such a great tip Kathleen! I think that is so important -- the me time. When you're in a relationship, especially a new one, me time is so important!
MaryAnne DeSantis
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Heather Jensen
Hi! Nope! I'm a girl. :)
Priya Dosanjh
Are you (the writer).. A guy?
Kathleen Watkins
*Don't get crazy if the don't text back constantly! Texting convos aren't as important to guys as they are for gals *Me time is important! *Let him have nights out with the guys without whining about it *Stay well groomed-- don't get lazy just cuz you now have a guy.
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