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With all of the relationship differences out there, it can be hard to work them all out. Your relationship differences could be from religion, from different backgrounds and also from how you were raised and what you believe in. If you are having a really hard time working out all of your relationship differences, you've got to take a look at my top 7 ways to work them out! Give it a try!

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Make an Actual Appointment with Each Other

When you are living together or even just together all of the time, it can be really easy to take for granted each other's time. This is where making an actual appointment with one another is a great idea to really work out relationship differences you two have!


Show You Are Listening with Your Body Language

You know how your body language can give away attitude and thoughts before you even open up your mouth? This is where you need to use your common sense and really need to show that you are actually listening. Leaning in, giving your ear and shutting your mouth is a great way to start!


Go Some Place Public if You Can't Talk in Normal Voices

Do your relationship differences cause the two of you to fight all of the time? A fight that can cause you not to listen and both of you to blow up? Well, why not do it in a public place? That way, you'll be forced to talk in your indoor voices and you won't be able to fight about it!


Set up Rules

Before you get to talking about your relationship, make sure that you set up rules, which you both need to follow. Seriously, this is absolutely going to be one of the biggest things that you need to remember when you are really working to resolve things!


Be Honest with Each Other

Being truthful and being honest is a great way to really ensure that things aren't aired when you are angry. I have a habit of doing that, keeping everything bottled up until I blow up and then the truth comes out. It's hard to be honest and up front, but it's so worth it! Lying and hiding things are horrible in a relationship.


Make a List of Differences

Have you made a list of all of the differences that you both have in your relationship? You might be surprised that you have a lot of common ground too, along with the differences! Remember, relationship differences happen – it's natural and it isn't necessarily a bad thing at all! I made a list along with my girlfriend of all of our differences and was completely surprised by how many we had -- but they weren't all bad at all!


Don't Lose Your Temper

Finally, don't lose your temper over differences in your relationship, it is common and happens all of the time! Remember, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is going to keep calm, you need to make sure that you keep calm as well!

While your relationship might have differences in it that you hate, think about all of the good in your relationship! Think about all of the differences that are good! So, what other tips do you have to share? Give 'em up!

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Love the "set up rules" idea!

I'm definitely going to use this advice with my fiancé. Thank you.

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