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10 Pros Cons of a Friends with Benefits Relationship ...

By Heather

Friends with benefits relationship deals are hard to keep. There are pros, there are cons and it can get messy and unsorted if you let it. Friends with benefits relationship options aren't always all that bad though. If you are considering a FWB deal, you might want to take a look at my pros and cons. That way, you'll know exactly what you are getting yourself into!

1 Pro: They Know You

One of the biggest pros of a friends with benefits relationship is the fact that they know you. I am not talking about knowing the shallow you, but the real you. The real, deep, inside you. This can actually be a fantastic benefit because they know how you will react to things and what turns you on.

2 Pro: Nothing is Awkward

Another pro to this type of relationship is that nothing is awkward (until feelings start to become involved, which I will get to later). You are just hooking up with your BFF. You are hanging out and making out with your best friend. That's cool, right? They know you after all!


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3 Pro: It Seems Natural

For some FWB relationships, it just seems natural. It seems almost like the next step in your relationship, especially if you have known each other a really long time and have always had this sexual tension floating in the air. It's weird to think of your BFF as a sex partner sometimes, but if you've always thought that, then it can just seem natural!

4 Pro: It's Just Sex

This can be a misconception after a while, that it is just sex and no feelings will come about, but in the beginning, it could be just sex. It could be just a hook up. It could be just sex between two consenting adults that happen to like each other. Think about it that way.

5 Pro: Best of Both Worlds

Ah, the biggest pro of them all has to be that you are getting the best of both worlds! You get to have your best friend in the world and have sex with them too! What person wouldn't want that? Take a look at the cons though before you try this type of relationship.

6 Con: Emotional Involvement

One of the biggest cons to a friends with benefits relationship is the fact that you can get emotional. Your emotions are hard to shut off, especially with your best friend, and once you start adding sex in, it can get messy. It's tough to keep up that 'it's just sex' mentality when you start to have feelings for the person that you are having sex with.

7 Con: Jealousy

Jealousy is something that happens naturally when you start to have feelings for your friend. It comes natural and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it, however, it is definitely something that can complicate things in the end. Trust me on this one, when jealousy comes into play, it's a con.

8 Con: Can Break up a Friendship

Let's say that you want to stop a FWB relationship and instead, go back to being friends. It can be hard after you've had sex with your friend to go back to just being friends. In fact, this con all has to do with breaking up your friendship. It can happen and you've got to know that before you start this type of relationship.

9 Con: Awkwardness Can Develop

Finally, the awkwardness can develop, once your feelings come into play. It might not start out awkward, but as soon as you start to fall for your BFF, it can become instantly awkward for both of you. Has this ever happened to you?

10 Con: Limits You from Seeking a Relationship

Finally, when you are getting satisfied, sexually, in a friends with benefits relationship, it can actually limit you from seeking a meaningful and romantic relationship. I know it's hard to believe, but if you've ever been in this type of relationship, you know what I mean.

So girls, these are all of the pros and cons to having a relationship that is sexual with your friends. I know that it's hard to be in a friends with benefits relationship, but it can work – if you let it. So, share your experiences below! Have you ever been in this type of relationship?

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