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Alarming Signs That for Him You're an Option Not a Priority ...

By Emily

When you’re dating someone, it’s nice to know that they are fully committed to you. In relationships, you should feel like the most important person to your partner, not just another person for them to be with. We’ve found some ways to tell if your beau is treating you like he should – signs that you may just be an option to him. Read on 👉

1 Everything is Last Minute⏱

black and white, image, photography, monochrome photography, darkness, Spontaneity can be attractive on occasion. But if all your plans are last minute when your BF figures out he has nothing better to do, then that’s a sure sign that he’s not prioritizing the relationship. It’s nice to be able to plan together, even if it’s simply time to hang out low key.

2 You’re the Initiator🙋

muscle, bodybuilding, Like, I'm, annoyed, Relationships should be about 50/50 as far as effort goes. If it’s looking to be 99% you and 1% him, then you have a problem. If I’m always the one to text a guy first or the only one to suggest hanging out, then I usually back off. I take it as a sign that he doesn’t care enough to try.

3 They Bail🏃

person, mouth, human body, You, can't, Things can’t always go perfectly, and sometimes things come up that causes people to cancel plans. But if someone is constantly backing out last minute and letting you down, then it’s time to evaluate the relationship. I always find reliability attractive; because it shows me they really care.

4 Lack of Interest😴

interaction, Are, you, fucking, kidding, I think that we can all agree that people who remember things us are the best. It shows me that someone really cares if they take a genuine interest in my life. If the conversations are one sided or if they forget important things in your life, then it’s a sign they don’t really care all too much.

5 He’s Not Thoughtful🙇

person, interaction, romance, Men, are..., Now this may sound like a general statement, but hear me out. Relationships are not all about gifts – but small gifts or tokens of appreciation show that the person thinks about you. I had a relationship where I didn’t get even a birthday or graduation card from the guy, both big days that were important to me. It showed me that he was too focused on himself to spare a dollar to make me smile or show he cared for a special occasion.

6 You Feel Lonely☹️

screenshot, hidden, behind, asmile, ellen, The point of being in a relationship is that there is another person there to hang out with. I’ve felt like I was single before – when I had a BF! I took this a sign that something was wrong, and deep down I realized that I felt like I was unimportant to him. You can do some soul searching and trust how you feel, too.

7 It’s Mostly Physical💏

person, sense, screenshot, should, take, One of the biggest signs of a lack of commitment or care is if your relationship is centered on the physical. If you’re in a situation where he only wants to hang out in his bed, then he’s probably using you. I know I’m a priority if my guy likes to spend time with me in all ways and all places.

8 You Make Excuses💆

RuPaul's Drag Race, person, glasses, music, disco, Do you find yourself always justifying your man’s behavior? It can be easy to make excuses for why people do things – trust me, I’ve done it (a lot). But if you’re constantly trying to find a redeeming quality in this person or a reason for why they’re not as committed as they should be, this is the biggest sign of all that you’re not #1 to them.

These are just a few signs that your boo sees you as more of an option than the priority that he should. You want someone that treats you like the queen 👸 you are, any less and tell him boy, bye!👋 Leave your thoughts in the comments. ✍️

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