10 Signs to Pay Attention to if You Want to Figure out if Your Friend Has a Crush on You ...


10 Signs to Pay Attention to if You Want to Figure out if Your Friend Has a Crush on You ...
10 Signs to Pay Attention to if You Want to Figure out if Your Friend Has a Crush on You ...

The moment you realize that your friend has a crush on you, everything changes. You might have had your suspicions that your friendship was more than just friendly, but now what? It could turn your relationship anywhere from awkward or the greatest couple in history. Here are signs to pay attention to if you want to figure out if your friend has a crush on you.

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Time Responding

In person or on social media, what is their response timing? Is it immediate, or does it take a while? If they respond right away the majority of the time, they're definitely interested.


More Talking and Posts on Social Media

If they're constantly chatting you on Facebook, liking your Instagram photos, posting photos of the two of you alone, or Snapchatting you 24/7, this is a huge sign. They're most likely to always initiate the conversation and are seeking your attention.


They're Asking Who You're Interested in

If your friend is constantly asking if you like or if you are seeing anyone, (especially late at night over text--not face to face) they might be interested in taking your friendship to the next level.


They're Telling You They Aren't Interested in Anyone

Insisting they aren't crushing on anyone means that they have eyes for only one person--you.


They Don't Approve Anyone You're Crushing on

Daggers are thrown at your crush from this friend. Anytime anyone brings up your crush, you can tell their mood completely changes. They might even say that no one is good enough for you--because that person is them!


They Want All Your Time

They want any free moment you have outside of school or work. If the majority of the time hanging with this person was spent in a group setting and now they want to hang one-on-one alone, this is a major sign.


Compliments, Compliments, Compliments

If you're given the nicest compliment randomly, here's another key sign. It'll throw you off guard. For example, you're talking about some boring school topic and they randomly complement your eyes.


They Nonchalantly Touch Your Arm or Shoulder

Any chance they get they're wanting to be touchy feel-y. If your hug is lasting longer than a friend hug, you know he's into you.


People Ask if You're Together

Are you dating? They're asking you questions that you're asking yourself. If people are assuming you're together, here's another red flag something's up.


Favors Galore

If they're picking you up and driving you home or paying for your food, drinks, and movie tickets, a light bulb should be going off. If you think back and ask yourself if it was a date, then it most likely was.

If you reflect back on everything that has happened between you and your "friend" and question if it's something more, why don't you just ask straight up to save some time? You don't want to live the rest of your life wondering what if. What signs did you see in your past relationships? Comment below!

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