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Signs You're Way Too Whipped by Your Boyfriend ...

By Jennifer

Are you wondering if maybe, just maybe, your honey wears the pants AND the skirt AND the leggings in the relationship? That somehow you went from being wild about each other to ... you just being wild about him, or at least way more wild than he is? Here are a few little clues that you might be a little more whipped than your BF.

1 You Always Call/Text First

City, brown hair, leg, Citytv, If you're always the one to send the "good morning" text, and you make sure you're never the one who hangs up first, you might be a little whipped, and he probably knows you're way into him, too. If you're not sure he's noticed, wait and see how long it takes him to send a "good morning" text rather than doing it yourself.

2 You're Already Making Plans

nightclub, bar, heSlap, Do you daydream about your future life together, even though he's never even said he loves you? If it's date night and you're sitting there, naming your children, who will of course have your smile but his eyes, and he's just digging into his burrito, you might be a little more into this than he is. Or, maybe he's just hungry. Who knows?

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3 You're Stuck in "Impress" Mode

human action, person, people, eating, Does the thought of him seeing you without makeup, and perfect hair, and freshly-groomed lady parts send you into a panic? Meanwhile, you've gotten to know which of his sweatpants he wears more than all of the others (the blue ones, with the hole in the left cheek)... he might not be as into you as you are into him.

4 You Avoid All Conflict

black and white, image, photography, monochrome photography, mouth, You prefer to think of yourself as "forgiving," but sometimes you wonder if maybe you're being a pushover because you're whipped. If you have no problem complaining about something he's said or done when he's not around, but you'd never dream of calling him on it in person, well...

5 Ask Yourself What if...

hair, person, blond, brown hair, hairstyle, Consider this scenario in your head: you call or text him and tell him it's over. Would he put up even a small fight, or would he just let you walk away without a word? Then reverse the scenario and imagine what you'd say or do. If he wouldn't fight for you the way you'd fight for him, then... you might be into it a little (or a lot) more.

6 You Let Him Choose

photograph, image, snapshot, Every date night, it's the same: he picks the dinner place, the movie, the bar, everything. You don't care where you go or what you see, as long as you're with Him. Does he feel the same way? Ask him to see a chick flick instead of the new Marvel movie, and see what he says.

7 Your Friends Tell You so

interaction, WHIPPED, WAH, PAH!, dorsia, Your friends might have teased you about being whipped before, but their heckling seems a lot more serious with this guy. Could it be that you actually ARE whipped? Ask them, seriously, and see what they say.

Can you think of any other signs that your sweetheart might have the upper hand?

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