7 Alternative Date Ideas That Beat Going for Dinner ...

By Laura

If alternative date ideas appeal to you, I think we could be good friends. I dislike sitting still for too long. I'm also not great with going out for dinner, because I am unattractively messy at times. Alternative date ideas are important to me, so here are some of my favorites!

Table of contents:

  1. walking
  2. cocktail mixing
  3. food festivals
  4. jazz nights
  5. boating/yachting
  6. coffee
  7. late night historic sights

1 Walking

Yeah, walking isn't exactly rock and roll, is it? But if you use your imagination, it is one of the best alternative date ideas. I live in Wales, which is (apparently) the most castle-dense country in the world! A lot of them have been abandoned and are near beaches, so they make great walking destinations. You don't need to find castles and beaches. Cliffs, forests, anything with scenery in general...it all works!

2 Cocktail Mixing

I like to think of Mixology as another science. It is highly complex, and when it comes to tequila it may as well be quantum physics. If you can find a cocktail mixing class in your local area, go for it! Now I don't want to encourage irresponsible behavior, but there is one major benefit to this: alcohol loosens everyone's inhibitions. If you or your date are nervous, a couple of cocktails should get the conversational ball rolling.

3 Food Festivals

Okay, so I am messy with food at times. However, food festivals are absolutely fine. Top of my list is anything involving cheese. The atmosphere is usually vibrant enough to feel relaxed. Feeling brave? Try a beer festival. Us ladies like beer too. Well, at least I do.

4 Jazz Nights

I can take or leave jazz. I don't usually sit and listen to it actively, but I won't turn down the chance to go to a jazz bar or night either. Jazz nights can make for fantastic dates. However, if this is one of the first few dates, you may want to consider going for a mellow evening. If the bar you are going to has a wine collection that spans the globe, even better. Don't be a wine bore, but do take up the chance to explore a few different glasses together.

5 Boating/Yachting

I don't know many men who have watched Bridget Jones's Diary without being under some form of duress. If you have, remember the scene where Hugh Grant not-so-graciously goes flying into the water with a cigarette in his mouth? Well providing you avoid doing that, boating or yachting is a great date. Alternatively, renting a jet ski for a day is also pretty thrilling. Try saving this one for date two or three. Awkward silences feel ten times more intimidating when you are on the water and have nowhere else to go.

6 Coffee

Okay, hear me out here. I am not an absolute bore, but I do think that we seriously miss out on cafe culture in many countries. Whenever I've been to Paris, my heart breaks a little bit as I see people drinking amazing coffee as late as 1am. If there is a late night cafe near you with a Barrista to die for, try going out for coffee. It is a great way for those of us with busy careers to date speedily, in a casual environment.

7 Late Night Historic Sights

I am a huge fan of the Historic Royal Palaces here in the UK. I've been to the Tower of London and Hampton Court a few times, but never at night. I'm not sure if I really buy into the whole 'things that go bump in the night' idea, but I would really love to be scared witless while finding out. Taking your date to a historic sight when they have a late night opening is an excellent alternative date in my opinion. You won't be short of conversation (you can talk about the place), you can walk around, and if your date gets scared you can comfort them. See, it's a winner all round.

When it comes to dates, you don't have to continuously break out all your most inventive ideas each time. A little variation works well, but honestly it is the effort beyond dinner and a movie that appeals to most of us. The more you get to know your date, the easier finding something to do with them will be. If you have tried alternative date ideas, how did they go and what were they?

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