8 Alternative Relationships You Need to Understand ...


8 Alternative Relationships You Need to Understand ...
8 Alternative Relationships You Need to Understand ...

In this day and age, denying alternative relationships is almost impossible! There are tons of different alternative relationships that might be completely different from yours, but are also interesting to understand. Below, I'm going to cover the top 8 alternative relationships that might never, ever work for you, but they do for other people. So girls, you ready to take a dive into some relationships that may never be your lifestyle, but might work for some people?

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Swingers (also referred to as swinging or partner swapping) is a completely non-monogamous behavior in which a married (or couple in a committed relationship) swaps partners to engage in sexual activity. Will this alternative relationship work for everyone? Of course not! But does it work for some people? It does! Believe it or not ladies, this actually started way back in the 16th century, so it is nothing new, but it's just difficult to understand sometimes right?


Swinging isn't just about physical pleasure, it's also about trust and communication. Couples who partake often stress the importance of setting boundaries and discussing expectations beforehand. It requires a strong foundation and an open mind, but many find that it brings a new level of excitement and connection to their relationship. Remember, consent and mutual agreement are key in this dynamic. Just like any other alternative relationship model, it's all about finding what brings joy and fulfillment to those involved. Is swinging a one-size-fits-all solution? Certainly not, but it's a centuries-old pursuit for some.


Being Polyamorous

Polyamorous relationships have actually come to light very recently, even though these alternative relationships have been around for a while, recently there has been more talk of being polyamorous. Do you know exactly what it is? Well, there are tons of different sub-relationships under the polyamorous heading, but it is basically all revolving around multiple partners all in one relationship. Again, while this alternative relationship might not work for you, it does work for other people!


Dominant/Submissive Couples

With 'Fifty Shades of Grey' coming to light recently, this type of relationship is becoming more known and greatly understood. Personally, I don't think that I could submit to my partner nor would I want her to do that to me, but this isn't my relationship. This type of relationship takes a lot of trust and a ton of patience, learning the ins and outs of what turns you on. It's a lifestyle ladies and while it might not be yours, it does work for other people!


Multiple Wives

This is huge nowadays, with shows like 'Sister Wives' and 'Big Love' out there. This is actually different than being polyamorous, this is actually where a man had multiple wives. Typically, this is found in the Mormon and Latter Day Saints faith and only a specific faith does practice this. While this might not work for me, because I am the jealous type, I can see it working for other people! This alternative relationship is very different isn't it?



Some people are just bisexual, it is not something that they can control, they just happen to like both genders equally. This alternative relationship can lead to one of the relationships above, if they are looking for both genders at the same time, but that is up to all of the parties involved. Being bisexual is not for everyone, but it is definitely an alternative relationship that should be understood!


Cross Dressing

I lot of people believe that you have to be gay in order to dress up as a woman if you are a man. While sometimes, drag queens and cross-dressers are gay, a lot of the time they aren't, the men just like to feel what it's like to be in a woman’s clothes. This alternative relationship is something that you'll have to learn to understand if you are going to be in a relationship with a cross-dresser!



People who are transgender can be misunderstood a lot of the time. Being transgender is actually a state of a person's gender identity. It's where a woman might not feel like she really is a woman, but rather she feels as if she is a man. If you are in a relationship with someone who is transgender, you just have to be aware of what they are going through and how you can help!


In essence, it's important to recognize that a person's outward appearance may not align with their internal understanding of themselves. When dating a transgender individual, it's crucial to engage in open conversations about boundaries, respect their chosen pronouns, and support their journey without making assumptions. Educating yourself on transgender issues and being an ally can greatly contribute to a loving and empathetic relationship dynamic. Remember, transitioning is a deeply personal and sometimes challenging process; kindness and patience go a long way.



Finally, the last alternative relationship that we are going to discuss is being gay. That includes being a lesbian or a gay man. What is important in a relationship is love and while there may be some people who don't understand gay relationships, our relationships are very similar to traditional, we just like our own gender.

There you have it ladies! While these alternative relationships might not be for everyone, they are relationships that need to be understood. After all, alternative relationships are still filled with love, no matter what. So girls, what other alternative relationships do you want to hear about?

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Your research skills are shown to be poor and unreliable when you publish that "a portion of lds practice polygamy," irrefutably true to you because, "I did research!"

not Mormons, the group is called Fundamental Latter Day Saints.

Of course it's noted that the LDS religion is still practicing polygamy. Hahaha, yeah...like Rachel and Salea said that is a practice that has been long gone in our religion. :) We aren't really affiliated with those who still practice it but, hey, they can do as they please I suppose lol :)

Rachel is right! While there are some splinter groups of the Latter Day Saint faith that practice polygamy (such as Fundamental Latter Day Saints) Latter Day Saints do not! The practice began and ended in the Latter Day Saint religion in the 19th century (: Believe me, I'm a Latter Day Saint.

I'm wondering if anyone has blogged about safety when dating as a dominate or submissive partner.

Latter Day Saints and Mormons are the same thing, and they don't practice polygamy anymore. There is a group called the fundamentalist Latter Day Saints who are unaffiliated with the Latter Day Saints, or Mormons.

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