13 Dangerous Last Straw Moments in a Relationship to Be Aware of ...

By Heather

Being in a relationship is very difficult and there are a lot of last straw moments in a relationship that you might not be aware of. These last straw moments in a relationship are really hard to overcome and can actually end your relationship in an instance. Things like constantly fighting and disagreements over all of the same issues over and over again can be hard on anyone, but they can also be one last straw moment in a relationship that could cause a breakup.

1 Caught Cheating

If you've caught your man cheating on you, that alone could be a last straw moment in a relationship. Who wants to be with someone who is clearly going to cheat on them, someone who is going to disrespect them so deeply? Girls, if your guy is cheating on you and you catch him, do you think you'd end up breaking up with him?

2 Speaking Badly about You to His Ex

Sometimes, a guy might still be friends with his ex. It works for some people, not all of them, but if you see text messages or hear conversations about him speaking badly about you to your ex, this can be one of those last straw moments in a relationship! After all, you want a man that is going to speak highly of you, not a boy that is going to talk crap about you behind your back!

3 Family Drama

A lot of the time, a family that is constantly interfering can be a last straw moment in a relationship. If your boyfriend's sister, his dad or even his brother is constantly meddling in your relationship, that can be a sign for what you are in for, if you do happen to marry the man. Who wants to deal with that ladies?

4 Meddling Mothers

In last straw moments in a relationship #3, I didn't mention mothers for a reason. Mothers, especially meddling mothers can cause enough drama to break a relationship up. Whether the boy is a complete and total mamas boy or if he constantly puts her first, it can be difficult to deal with a mother that is constantly meddling!

5 Pressure for Marriage

Girls, I've seen this over and over again, one last straw moments in a relationship can all boil down the constant pressure for marriage. If you've been with your man a while and he still hasn't asked you to marry him, there could be a reason for that. Maybe he's just not ready to completely commit. You need to wait ladies or if you can't, it might be time to find someone that wants to get married right away.

6 Different Beliefs

Another last straw moment in a relationship can all boil down to different beliefs. If your boyfriend has a different religion than you and is very involved in it, it can lead to a lot of complications later down the line if your beliefs are different. For example, a lot of (not all of them ladies!) believe in no birth control – if your man is in this type of religion, it could be hard for you to get on birth control.

7 Constant Fighting

If you are constantly fighting with your boyfriend, this is another last straw moment in a relationship. While some fighting is normal, if you are constantly fighting over every single thing, it's a problem. This could actually mean that you two were never right for each other in the first place.

8 Lying

Relationships should be all about truth and honesty. If you're being lied to, then you should not be with that person. You should never have to question the person you're in a relationship with! A lot of people put up with lies in relationships and think that eventually things will change, but guess what they won't change! Don't think that your significant other is going to change, just walk away.

9 Doesn't Stand up for You

When people start to talk negatively about you or treat you badly, the person you're in a relationship with should stand up for you. If you start to notice that the person you're with is consistently not defending you and consistently siding against you then you probably shouldn't be with that person. If you can't defend on your boyfriend/girlfriend then you will never be able to depend on that person and so you shouldn't be in that relationship.

10 Abuse

This doesn't just mean physical abuse. Some people might think that just because your significant other doesn't hit you, it means that you're not being abused. This is not true! You can also be abused emotionally and mentally. This includes being controlled and manipulated. If you start to notice these things or your friends point them out to you, it's time for you to walk away.

11 Addiction

This is really a general statement because people can be addicted to so many things. This isn't just about drugs and alcohol. A lot of relationships actually end because of shopping addiction. The addictions aren't just a strain on your bank accounts, they're also tough on relationships with friends, family, and also romantic relationships. It doesn't matter what the addiction is, they're a relationship killer.

12 Money Spending

Money spending can be a real relationship killer. Sometimes the people you're in a relationship with start to spend more than they can spend and then they depend on you to help them out. This is a bad habit that a lot of people have! If this is something you notice early on in your relationship, please don't continue it. If you end up marrying this person, you could end up in debt which could really hinder your life.

13 Disagreements over the Same Issues

Lastly ladies, the last, last straw moment in a relationship that we're going to explore is disagreements over the same issue, constantly. Does your boyfriend constantly take your opinion from you? Does your boyfriend constantly make the same mistake over and over again? This can be extremely frustrating for both parties involved!

So girls, there you have it! All of the last straw moments in a relationship that I came up with. Do any of these sound familiar? Have you had any last straw moments in a relationship in your relationship?

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