7 Tips to Keep the Lines of Communication Open in a Relationship ...


7 Tips to Keep the Lines of Communication Open in a Relationship ...
7 Tips to Keep the Lines of Communication Open in a Relationship ...

All of the communication tips for couples in the world are hard to follow when you're trying to keep the lines of communication open. In my relationship, I've looked up every communication tip for couples out there and some of them don't work. If you are having problems with your partner and communicating, I've got the top 7 communication tips for couples that actually work – really. These are what keep my relationship together and open, you ready to do that to yours?

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Talk Openly

One of the biggest communication tips for couples that is overlooked constantly is talking openly and honestly with one another. You forget sometimes, when you are in a relationship to talk to your partner about everything that might be bothering you. Then, after you haven't talked to them, it turns into a thing. Guys and girls, keep the lines open and just talk openly – all of the time.


Support Each Other

This communication tip for couples is one that I had to learn over and over again. Once you start supporting your partner in everything that they do, it's easier to communicate and easier for your partner to trust that you are going to take them seriously. My partner is a freelance writer, I'm a corporate person, it took me a long time to realize that she needed my support and to believe that her job was a real job. Now, our lines of communication are open and I understand her better.


Listen to Each Other

This is the biggest point that was lacking in my relationship when I was looking up communication tips for couples. You've got to choke down everything and listen to your partner when they are telling you something that is important to them. While it might not be as important to you, you've got to listen to them and make it important. If you do not listen to each other, the lines of communication will never be there completely.


Don't Keep a Barrier up

Do you have a wall up that you can't quite seem to break down? One communication tip for couples is to break down that wall. There has to be absolutely no barriers between the two of you if you want all of the lines of communication to be open. Remember that girls when you are placing up walls when you get hurt.


Keep a Positive Point of View

Whenever you are having problems communicating with your partner, being negative about it, isn't going to help. You've got to be positive and make sure that you keep that outlook. This is one communication tip for couples that I had a really hard time with, but it's made such an impact!


Let the Emotions Flow

Remember that wall that I was talking about? You've got to be willing to let all of your emotions slip right out. While you want to be able to spare your boyfriend's feelings sometimes, you've also got to get things off of your chest, just like he does. So let the emotions flow girls!


Trust Your Partner

Finally, the last communication tip for couples that you've got to follow is trusting your partner. The reasoning behind this is because you can't let yourself go if you don't trust your partner. If that trust isn't there, why are you in a relationship girls?

While keeping the lines of communication open can be hard, it's worth it. These communication tips for couples are what worked in my relationship. What other communication tips for couples have worked in your relationship?

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