Flirting 101 Showing off These Skills is Sure to Get Any Guy's Attention ...

By Holly

If you have a crush, but you're not sure what to do to get him to notice you, there are little tricks you can try. You don't have to dress like a model in order to catch his eye. All you have to do is flaunt whatever talents you have. Here are a few skills that are sure to get any guy's attention:

1 Speak a Foreign Language in Front of Him

How sexy is it to hear a man speak French? Even if you have no clue what he's saying, you're going to melt from his hotness. Well, we're not the only ones who find foreign languages attractive. If you speak another language in front of your crush, he's bound to be impressed. There's just something about being bilingual that makes any man swoon.

2 Show off Your Dance Skills

No matter what kind of dance you're skilled in, there's a man out there who will find it attractive. Maybe you're a pro at twerking when a Miley song comes on. Maybe you can bust out some ballet moves when Sia starts playing. Either way, the fact that you know how to move your hips is a major turn on.

3 Win a Game against Him

Forget what you've heard about men disliking athletic girls. They love a woman with a set of abs on her. Even if you're not a pro at soccer or field hockey, he'll be impressed by your billiard skills or how quick you can make it around the track in Mario Kart. Men love a good challenge, so if you can give him a run for his money, he'll be all yours.

4 Make Him See How Intelligent You Are

No, showing your crush that you got an A on a test probably won't impress him. But if you get into a conversation with him and start showing off your smarts by telling him interesting tidbits about the world, he will be impressed. It's all about how you go about flaunting your intelligence.

5 Cook Him a Delicious Meal

Men love to eat. It doesn't matter if you whip up your grandmother's recipe for scrambled eggs or if you cook up a quick batch of cookies from a box. As long as you can create something that your man can munch on, he'll be yours forever. It's the easiest way to win someone over.

6 Show off Your Social Skills

It's time to show off your social skills. If you're great at telling jokes, then make your man laugh. If you're talented when it comes to giving advice, let your man spill out his heart to you. Do whatever you can to show him what a fun, thoughtful person you are. Personality is most important, after all.

7 Give Him a Taste of Your Flexibility

The reason men love flexible women is entirely sexual. They think that if a girl knows how to do a split, that she'll be a bombshell in the bedroom. So if you end up at the gym at the same time as your crush, you should show off your stretching skills. Bend and stretch as far as you can, and he won't stop staring.

Once you get your crush's attention, don't be afraid to walk right up to him and start a conversation. After all, if he sees how talented you are, he might be too intimidated to do the dirty work himself. If a man did any of these things in front of you, would you be impressed?

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