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9 Subtle Ways to Flirt with Men ...

By Jordin

Ways to Flirt with Men range from openly asking them out to shyly staring at him from the corner. But, as with anything else in life, there is a happy medium and plenty of subtle ways to flirt with men! The key isn't as tricky as many people might would think! There are a few subtle yet attention-grabbing things you can do to make sure his eyes are on you all evening long! It doesn't matter if you are married, in a relationship or single-these tips will give you some great ways to flirt with men! Whether it's the one you have or the one you plan to get, you'll be so glad you read this article that is bursting with super fabulous tips on ways to flirt with men!

1 Be Playful-a Great Way to Flirt with Men

Men love a woman who can laugh and smile along with the rest of them so remember not to be too uptight and stiff! Go with the flow and make little jokes and tease him. Just don't be TOO much of a tease and stay away from any sort of teasing that could be taken in the wrong way! If a guy thinks you are making fun of him, you can bet he won't be asking for your number at the end of the night!

2 Wear a Dress

One of the best ways to flirt with men without needing to say a single word is by putting on a girly, floaty, feminine dress! Guys love it when a girl wears a dress or a skirt. Remember, part of flirting is all in the attitude, so if you want to come across as flirty, you need to feel flirty. Wearing a dress is a great way to achieve that!

3 Smile at Him

Think about it: How many guys would you be interested in if all they did was frown at you? No one likes a sour face! Suck on a mint, slap on some gloss, use whitening strips-whatever you need to do in order to flash those pearly whites! And catch and hold his gaze from across a room if you want him to know you are interested in talking to him a bit more later on!

4 Touch Him Lightly

It doesn't take much to get a guy's pulse pounding a little harder and one of my favorite ways to do that and one of the best ways to flirt with men is by lightly touching him while you are having a conversation. How's that for killing two birds with one stone! Tap his forearm while you converse together, brush shoulders when you walk past him or graze his leg as you sit beside him. He will notice, believe me!

5 Compliment Him-a Surefire Way to Flirt with Men

Men love to be admired and have their ego stroked, especially by women. And complimenting a guy is one of the best ways to flirt with him! So find something to mention to him that will stand out. Be sincere about it, but let him know that you noticed!

6 Be Interested

If you want to know one of the most effective ways to flirt with men, it's by showing interest. If a guy doesn't think you care, he may not give you a second glance no matter how pretty you are! Ask him about his work, his hobbies and what he likes to do. Look at him when he talks to you and make eye contact. Just be careful not to pry into personal areas of his life right away!

7 Pay Attention to HIM

When there is a roomful of cute, available guys, it can be easy to move on to the next one if the one you're talking to doesn't seem very interesting at first. But in order to get HIS attention, you need to make him feel like you aren't scoping out all the other guys in the room! Talk and look at HIM, even if his buddies are standing nearby. This shows him you are interested in HIM even though there are other fish in the sea!

8 Bite Your Lower Lip

I've heard many guys say that it's sexy when a girl bites her lower lip softly. It's one of the many ways to flirt with a guy, so give it a shot! Just don't overdo it. You don't want to come across as nervous or chew off all your lipstick. Every now and then for emphasis is just fine!

9 Be Relaxed

Guys can sense when a girl is nervous or scared. So try not to be too uptight! Relax, be yourself and let the mood flow. That's the best piece of advice I can give you on ways to flirt with men. He will know if you are being sincere with him and it will all be downhill from there!

I hope you enjoyed my article with ways to flirt with men. As women, flirting is one of our natural rights, isn't it? Of course! And it pays to know the best ways to flirt with men! So use them as often as you can! Just use discretion and most importantly-have fun! Do you have any great tips or ways to flirt with men? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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