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7 Aquarius Love Traits to Watch out for ...

By Heather

If you've been dying to find out what Aquarius love traits are out there, especially if you've got a crush on an Aquarius or if you are looking at jumping into a relationship with an Aquarius, keep reading! Some of the top Aquarius love traits that you've got to know before sliding into a relationship with this particular sign all boil down to space and the fact that they aren't very affectionate! For more Aquarius love traits, take a look below. girls and guys! Who knows what you'll find?

1 Needs Space

As I mentioned, this is one of the top Aquarius love traits that you'll find out when you are dating an Aquarius. They love their space and even though they are in a relationship with you, they still want to be themselves and they still want to know that they can be themselves. Space isn't necessarily a bad thing, keep that in mind!

2 Not Super Affectionate

This sign is not really into PDA. They are a sign that is not going to be super affectionate toward you, but you'll know that they love you. They are very strong in their verbal expression of love, so keep that in mind when you are down in the dumps because your Aquarius hasn't shown you a ton of touching love.

3 Innovative

Oh those Aquarians! They are so innovative and they are always looking for a way to think outside of the box, especially when it comes to their relationship. They are a sign that is never going to let their partner get bored with them and they know that there are a ton of different ways to keep things interesting, even outside of the bedroom!

4 Very Sensitive/Emotional

One note about this sign that you might not know is that they are super sensitive. They are a sign that takes things to heart, even if you don't mean it sometimes and they are super serious about their emotions. We'll get into this later, but one thing this sign is not good at is showing their emotions. They don't want to pin their emotions on something and they don't want to be overly emotional at all.

5 Hardly Feel Jealous

While this sign might seem like the jealous type, you'd never know it! They are hardly jealous and when they are, you most likely won't find out about it until way later. They don't like to share these types of emotions and they really keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to jealousy.

6 Highly Caring

The Aquarius sign as a whole is a very caring sign. They love their partner and they will do anything in the world for them. They will bend over backwards to try to make their partner happy and when an Aquarius does fall in love, they fall really, really deeply and hard.

7 Does Not Show Emotions Well

Finally, as I mentioned before, an Aquarius does not show emotions very well. It all comes down to the fact that they put their partner's needs over theirs, they don't want to admit that they have emotions or that they are emotional at all. So keep that in mind when you are dealing with this sign, you will likely have a hard time getting to know their emotions and moods.

Now that you know exactly what you are getting into whenever you are dealing with an Aquarius, do you think that you are going to jump into a relationship with this sign? What other love traits are out there?

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