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7 Sagittarius Love Traits to Watch out for ...

By Heather

You've probably been seeing a lot of different Sagittarius love traits out there but you aren't exactly sure if they are true or not! Well, girls and boys, I've looked all over and have captured some of the best Sagittarius love traits that will keep you informed and let you know exactly what you are in for whenever you are in a relationship with this particular sign! This sign is very adventurous, super spontaneous and is overall a very loyal sign! So, you ready to see what other love traits are out there for a Sag?

1 Very Adventurous

As I mentioned, one of the top Sagittarius love traits is that they are so, so adventurous! They love to think outside of the box and they really love to explore any and everything. This is the sign that is more than willing to go hiking for hours and hours or get lost in a city. Every experience is an adventure and they want to treat it like that!

2 Honest

The Sagittarius sign is also extremely honest. They aren't harsh about it, but this isn't a sign that is going to beat around the bush. This is a sign that is going to be very upfront with you and they are going to let you know exactly what you mean to them, which isn't a bad thing, right?

3 Needs to Be Free

One thing that you've got to remember about a Sagittarius is the fact that this particular sign needs freedom. They need someone that is going to let them be themselves and let them be free. They can't be with someone that is super possessive and super obsessive, because that isn't going to work with their personalities.

4 Love Compliments

This is also a sign that loves compliments! They love to hear how awesome they are and how great of a partner they are. If you're with a Sagittarius, remember, they don't take compliments for granted, it means something special to them and they really enjoy hearing them!

5 Protective

The Sagittarius sign in general is a hunter, so they are very protective not just over their partner, but also over their entire family. If you end up in a relationship with a Sagittarius, they are going to protect you with everything that they have. They want you to feel very safe!

6 Stay Loyal

A sign like this one is extremely loyal too. They want to commit to one person and they certainly won't let themselves stray. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius, they are going to be loyal to you and they expect the same some you. Keep that in mind!

7 Spontaneous

Finally, flowers at work and a home cooked meal out of nowhere are just a few of the things that you'll experience when you are in a relationship with a Sag! They love to be spontaneous and they absolutely love when their partner does the same thing for them! This is absolutely a key to having a relationship with this sign!

These are just a couple of the top love traits for a Sagittarius! Have you ever been in a relationship with a Sagittarius? How was it? Share the details below, we'd love to see if these traits match up to what you experienced!

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