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Awesome Tips on How to Have Better Sex with You on Top ...

By Sici

One of the greatest joys of sex is in the variety of things that you can enjoy whilst having it. From different partners to different positions to different games and role plays, sex is all about expressing yourself intimately and having a damned great time whilst doing it! For some reason, though, a large percentage of women either aren’t comfortable enough or don’t tend to enjoy being on top. Take it from me, being on top absolutely rocks. You just have to find a way to make it work for you! Here are some suggestions for how to have better sex with you on top.

1 Back and Forth

Rather than thrusting in an up and down motion, you will find it much more enjoyable to go in a gentle back and forth rhythm that is less taxing physically and produces less risk of internal pain from bouncing too deeply. It will also be much less easy for his penis to ‘slip out’ than if you were going straight up and down.

2 Reverse Cowgirl

This is the position when you are on top but facing away from your partner rather than looking at him. People like reverse cowgirl because it results in less problems with the guy ‘popping out’, making for a much smoother and less interrupted sexual experience.

3 Sit up

Rather than having him lay flat on his back and then straddling him, you should have him sit up with you sat on top, your legs kind of intertwined. It is great for intimacy because you can hug and kiss at the same time as enjoying penetration, and there is a much more pleasurable grinding with the shape of your bodies.

4 Lay on Him

You don’t always have to sit up straight to straddle him, you can also begin penetration and then lay your full weight on top of him, chest to chest. It provides for some really intimate and erotic contact, and it also means that he can take over the thrusting a little by grabbing your ass to keep you still and then finding his own rhythm!

5 Toys

Don’t be scared to introduce some sex toys in to the equation. Something like a little bullet vibrator is perfect, because it will provide you with clitoral stimulation whilst the penetration is also going on. Double whammy!

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