10 Easy Ways to Have Better Orgasms ...

By Sici

An orgasm is one of the single greatest feelings a woman can experience. If you don’t think that that statement is a true one, then you are very clearly doing things wrong! An orgasm should feel like the absolute pinnacle of sexual and sensual sensation for any woman, and if it feels like anything less than an earth-shattering explosion of pleasure, then there is definitely room for improvement! Here are ten easy ways to have better orgasms!

1 Masturbate More

Some women don’t touch themselves nearly as much as they should! The more you masturbate and get to know your own body and the ways that it likes to be pleasured, the more success you are going to have in intimate situations with partners. You will be able to tell them what you like.

2 Change It up

If the regular way that you have sex doesn’t seem to be doing it for your recently, then why not try switching it up and trying out lots of new positions. It’s also a way for your body and your mind not to get bored of the sensations.

3 Foreplay

Make sure that you get enough foreplay action in before the penetration begins. Most women enjoy clitoral stimulation more than penetrative sex, so the more of that you get to enjoy, the better your orgasms will be.

4 Prioritise Needs

Focus on prioritising your needs in the bedroom. I mean this in the sense that whilst getting your partner off is definitely important, you might fare better by being a bit more selfish yourself and demanding more attention!

5 Exercise

Your orgasms can sometimes be affected by things like weight and overall health. Start incorporating exercise into your daily routine and you might experience an upswing in your sexual pleasure. Try these exercises for better sex.

6 Don’t Rush

You shouldn’t see sex or masturbation as something to just get out of the way to achieve an orgasm. Take pleasure in the slow build-up of sensation, and try out some edging which is delaying your orgasm a few times before actually letting yourself go.

7 Take Risks

There’s nothing like feeling naughty to get your juices flowing. Take a few risks with your sex life like doing it in a public place or inviting a third person in to the bedroom to really spice things up!

8 Realism

Don’t try to replicate the things that you see in porn, that’s not real life. Instead, focus on what you think is going to make you happy rather than trying some crazy acrobatic positions.

9 Dirty Talk

Never underestimate the power of dirty talk! There is nothing like a hot and steamy chat to get your juices flowing, so don’t be a mute when you’re in the bedroom! These 17 Words to Amp up the Dirty Talk will help.

10 Sex Toys

Don’t be afraid to introduce sex toys in to the bedroom, both on your own and with a partner. They are literally designed to provide you with more pleasure, so why would skip them!? Here are some great choices: 7 Sex Toys for Partners Who Both Want Enjoyment.

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