10 Things Men Want Women to Know about Sex ...

By Felicia

Freud famously called the female sexuality “the dark continent.” If that is true, then the male sexuality would be the dark planet. After all, men aren’t at all simple when it comes to sex. The bedroom has become a stage for male performance, so what you hear from them is just the role, not the reality. The following ten facts come straight from experts and men that you probably want to know.

Table of contents:

  1. men respond to praise
  2. men fear intimacy…
  3. they like sex for sex’s sake
  4. men aren’t just their …
  5. men like fantasies
  6. men like it when women talk
  7. men want honesty
  8. men like the dance
  9. men can explain pornography
  10. they need it, but not why everybody thinks

1 Men Respond to Praise

Women tend to believe that men are so consumed by their libido that they aren’t self-conscious when it comes to sex. But truthfully, men aren’t any different than women when it comes to being moved by compliments. Any praise can be given to them before you hit the bedroom. Tell them how good they look. And give them compliments after. Men worry about things like the size of their belly, measurable organs, hair, and other attributes. Help them out by affirming those sensitivities.

2 Men Fear Intimacy…

… but not how you think. Studies have found that boys tend to be more expressive and affectionate than girls until they hit school age. Social repression then begins, and their desire for connection is driven underground. This makes their desire for intimacy taboo. For a woman, try to understand that your man’s hasty retreat after sex could be his own shock at the amount of connection he craves. Allow yourself to retreat and give him time to see that his desires are fine.

3 They like Sex for Sex’s Sake

Even though men do want intimacy, they also enjoy the occasionally “throw-me-down sex.” Joe Kort, PhD, a sexologist and psychotherapist, said that “Men want their wives to enjoy raw sex, not just endure it or take it personally. For men, it’s not about dominating a woman, but ravishing her.” So let him ravish you from time to time.

4 Men Aren’t Just Their …

The man’s penis tends to get all of the attention, but they actually have other erogenous zones, according to Melodie Schaefer, PsyD, a psychologist. Most men won’t correct women because they are afraid that women will end up shutting and not touching them. But there are plenty of spaces a woman should touch. Touching the face, inner thighs, and chest is great. There are also two more sexual places as well. Once is gripping their testicles. This is a turn on because it blends control with release. Stimulating the perineum, which is the space between the anus and scrotum, will increase their pleasure during oral sex.

5 Men like Fantasies

According to Dr. Kort men are interested in sharing their fantasies with their girlfriends and wives, but they are afraid they will be judged. Dr. Schaefer says that men also wish that women would share their fantasies. You can try making this a game. First off, promise each other not to judge. Write out scenarios that you desire and put them in a box. When you are getting busy, pull one out. If you are both okay with it, try it out.

6 Men like It when Women Talk

Talking will stimulate more than their ears. Instructive, dirty, and praising talk are all great starts. As amusing as it may seem, a woman’s words have raised a man’s virility.

7 Men Want Honesty

Sex may be able to burn stress, but it can cause stress. If men start complaining about sex, then they could be overlooking serious issues. You have to enlighten them. A man’s ego is often connected to sex, so it’s easy for them to blame bedroom problems on women instead of something to do with them. Avoiding the problems will only cause more frustration.

8 Men like the Dance

Men like to take on a quest. Let them court you and make them deserve your desire. According to Dr. Kort, “Emotional intimacy is about closeness, but sustaining sexual desire demands a certain amount of distance.” How can you strike this balance? Let you and your partner have separate sexuality. This means a sexual life that doesn’t include but also doesn’t betray, the other person. You could allow him to watch pornography, and he could allow you to use toys.

9 Men Can Explain Pornography

One of the main reasons a couple enters counseling is because one of them uses porn. But it’s not something that needs to be overreacted to. Let’s clear up a few facts: (1) Sex addicts are only four percent of the population, so your guy probably doesn’t have a problem, (2)Since what happens during childhood influences sexuality as an adult, people are idiosyncratic about the things that turn them on. This is why a woman can’t be everything to a man. If your man uses porn, don’t overreact but decide whether or not he uses it compulsively or can only have sex with porn. If this is the case, seek counseling. If it isn’t, discuss it with him. Ask him why it turns him on. This way you create a dialogue for closeness, honesty, dignity.

10 They Need It, but Not Why Everybody Thinks

Men have been labeled as sexually insatiable, but that’s not necessarily true. Men view sex as a celebration. Men wish that women would take a carpe diem approach to sex. Sex gives them opportunities, joys, and pleasure that everyday life may not.

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