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5 Sex Positions to Try if You Love Spooning ...

By Sici

Spooning is great. It’s one of the most intimate and loving things that you can do with your partner that doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex. Whether you like to be the big spoon or the little spoon, there’s no doubting that spooning is a lot of fun, but what about those times when you want to take things a little further with your fellow spoonee? Are there certain things that you can do in the bedroom that will reflect your love of spooning? Here are five fun sex positions to try if you love spooning!

1 Serving Spoon

This involves you laying on your back, on top of your man, playing the part of the little spoon. The big serving spoon does a little careful navigation to get things going, and his thrusts get into a rhythm that will send you both wild once you find the right groove. We call it the serving spoon because you basically end up being cradled within his body like a scoop of soft serve!

2 Spoon Dog

If you want a more intense experience, then lay on your side and lean your body forward and curl up, like doggie style but laying down. Put your feet in between his knees to get better purchase so that he can thrust nice and deep to produce the greatest amount of pleasure possible.

3 Slotted Spoon

If you like sex that is fast and explosive, then lift up your upper leg and hook it back around his butt whilst he is behind you. He will be able to grab this and position himself so that he is much closer, it will result in him being able to achieve much deeper and harder thrusts.

4 Spoon River

This one involves jumping in the shower! Have him perch on some kind of stool and then nestle yourself in between his legs, placing the all important detachable shower head right between your legs! This position will have you enjoying the penetration of sex whilst also getting the stimulation of the hard flowing shower spray right on sensitive areas!

5 Silver Spoon

This position basically refers to trying anal sex for the first time, and the spooning position is perfect because it stops your partner’s weight from being on you, and it allows you to dictate the pace and depth of the thrusts that he attempts. You have all the power as the precious silver spoon!

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