Places to Have Sex That Aren't the Bedroom ...

By Sici

Places to Have Sex That Aren't the Bedroom ...

When it comes to sex and intimacy between partners, the world of getting down and dirty is too varied and too big to be confined to only the bedroom! Sure, your bedroom feels safe and hidden and secure, but it can also start to make things get very repetitive and samey. If you get into a phase where your lovemaking feels more like a routine than something fun and spontaneous, then it might be worth thinking of ways to add some intrigue back into proceedings! You don’t have to have sex only in your bedroom. Here are some perfect alternative locations to have sex outside the bedroom..

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Sure, the flat surface of a bed is comfortable, but why not branch out use all of the different kinds of furniture that your home has to offer? From the kitchen table to an armchair to even propped up on the stairs, you can find yourself getting into lots of interesting and pleasurable positions when you don’t just have the safety of a flat bed to rely on!


Cooking in Your Underwear

Try cooking with your partner in your underwear, You will find that the hot steamy atmosphere of the kitchen in full flow mixed with the fact that the two of you are barely clothed can really spark a sexy atmosphere. Make sure you keep one kitchen counter free from ingredients, because you might find that you need a surface to get down and dirty on at some point during the meal prep process!



Take things up a notch in the risky stakes and get out in the garden! There is something really freeing about having sex in the great outdoors, and your garden is the perfect place to start if you are too nervous or shy to try anything more public. Be careful of peeping neighbours though, unless, of course, you are in to that kind of thing and want to give them a show to remember!



You’ve seen it happen so many times in the movies at this point, why not try it yourselves? Sex in the shower definitely takes a little bit of practise and manoeuvring, but once you get into the groove, the added thrill of the cascading water can be really erotic and exciting!



Take things back to your teenage years by getting busy in the back seat of your car! There is something really sexy about being able to steam up a car window. Hey, if youngsters can drive to local make-out spots for a little bit fun without judgement, then why can’t you too?

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If you want to live out a full fantasy, then you can always book a posh hotel room for the night and engage in a little bit of fun role play with your partner. Playing the old favourite of ‘sexy strangers’ is the perfect role play game for a hotel setting, and you don’t have to worry about how much you make, because you aren’t the one who has to remake the bed in the morning!

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