Awkward Actions Men Actually Find Adorable ...


You shouldn't be embarrassed by all of the awkward things that you've done in front of your crush. Even though you consider them silly, he might consider them adorable. Most women don't realize just how cute they look when they're nervous around their crush. In order to stop feeling so bad about yourself, here are a few awkward actions men actually find adorable:

1. Snorting While Laughing

Snorting gets a bad rap for no reason. It’s a cute little trait that you shouldn’t dislike about yourself. The next time your crush makes you laugh so hard that you snort, don’t be embarrassed about it. Most men will be complimented over the fact that you've found him so funny that you were unable to control yourself.

Stumbling over Your Words


"Guys love being checked out"...yeah
Isabella Coles
Dang the first one just had to be the snort while laughing - my fiance seems to make me do that when I laugh myself into hysterics! But then it's impossible to stop laughing cause he laughs even more at me - those moments are priceless lol!
Francesca Rose
It doesn't work all the time, and if your crush doesn't think you're cute he would actually be creeped out.
@Danyi Toval aren't we all twelve year olds at heart?
Danyi Toval
Oh please, sometimes I wonder if you guys write for twelve year olds
Lol cute. :)
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