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Unexpected Places Men like to Be Touched ...

By Neecey

There are places where men like to be touched in a sexy and unexpectedly sensual way. This is not a list of ways to bring a man to orgasm, nor is it a list built to help enhance orgasm. These are unexpected places on men where they will enjoy being touched by a close and intimate partner.

1 The Pit under His Knee

Did you ever see the Ally McBeal episodes where the short stuttering guy (the Poughkeepsie guy) from Ghostbusters 2 rubs the inside of a woman’s knee and brings her to orgasm? If you ever tried it you will find it woefully unsuccessful (please comment if it ever worked for you). According to the Happy Hooker By Hollander, stroking a woman behind her knee will ascertain whether she is highly sexed or not. It is a little different for men. If he is sitting on something such as an office or table chair and is reasonably comfortable, you can nestle your fingers under there and tickle the tendons. They cause him to have micro-spasms that pull on his private areas and it creates a weird but pleasant sensation.

2 Kiss His Nipples and Flick Them with Your Tongue

This may be one of the least unexpected places men like to be touched, but men’s nipples are often ignored by women. Some men have very sensitive nipples, in which case gentle kisses and flicks of the tongue will provide great pleasure. Some men have very tough nipples in which case you can chew on them like licorice laces.

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3 The Secret Spots on His Lower Pelvis

Men’s biology is weird. Their reproductive functions involve more than just a pair of danglers and a penis. For example, if you were to turn your shower onto power spray and then aim to the left or right of his penis (on the leg/pelvis), you may hit a nerve that activates during ejaculation. It causes muscles in his lower stomach to tense. You will visibly see a bit of his stomach (on the left or right) move inwards involuntarily. Kiss his lower stomach around these areas and it feels very nice. If you want to find them, start at his belly button, go three inches to the left or right, and then four inches down (roughly). Kissing any part of his lower abdomen/stomach is a good idea, but the proximity to the penis often makes men anxious for the kisses to descend a little lower.

4 (Writer Holds Hand over Eyes Picard Style) His TAILBONE

Please be careful with his tailbone. It is the end of his spinal column at the very bottom where his bottom starts. It is the place where his tailbone would grow if he were still a primate. It is a very sensitive area that offers a mildly sexual sensation. Rub your finger lightly on it whilst you are having sex in the missionary position. Do not do it too often or too roughly because the skin there is very thin and it will itch for days after if it is irritated.

5 Run Your Little Finger or Tongue in the Indentation on the Front of His Neck

It is not tough to find. It is on the front of his neck where the knot in his tie would sit. It is below the voice box at the point where the neck meets the chest. It has the edge of the collarbone on each side and on most men, it sinks in ever so slightly. It is a sensitive area that you can tickle and touch lightly if he is relaxed. If he is not relaxed, then it just feels weird. This is the sort of place you should tickle with your tongue or caress with your little finger when he is relaxed and when you are not trying to turn up the heat (simply when you are being affectionate). It is a very sensitive and very vulnerable area on a man, and if he allows you to touch it, then deep inside his mind he must trust you (at least a little).

6 The Feel of Your Nipples and Breasts on His Feet

Open your mind a little and think about human anatomy. Your breasts are very soft and your nipples are pointy pieces of warm flesh. Now, think about your feet. They are packed with nerves (remember how much it hurts when you stub your toe) and yet all they ever get to feel is your socks. The sensation of your soft breasts allied with the pointy and warm nipple offers a great sensation for a man. There are many men that may be too embarrassed to try this, but have him lie on the bed and hang his feet over the end and start gently; and you may find his embarrassment quickly evaporates.

7 The Feel of Your Breath on His Chest

Maybe there is something primal about this one. Women seem to react the best when men hug them from behind. Women seem to like his warm breath on their neck as he hugs them. For men, it is different. Men like warm breath on their chest. In biological terms, it is understandable. Most men are taller than women are, so men may be programmed to enjoy warm breath on their chest during a standing embrace. Also, when a man is laid on his back, some women hug them whilst laid down and place their heads on their chest. Whatever the reason, men find it intimate and sensual when a woman embraces him in some way and breathes on his chest. However, remember that this is calm and relaxed breath--you are not trying to mist up a window.

Did you know about these special places on a man’s body that can bring pleasure? Will you find out if they apply to your man? What less usual place does your man like to be touched?

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