Behavior You Need to Stop if You Want to Keep Your Man ...

By Ayoola

There are many, many behaviors that ruin your relationship. The trick is to figure out what they are before it's too late. There are several things women do that men love, but there are also several things we do they can't stand. So if you're doing any of the things on this list, you should probably stop right now because you could be on the verge of losing your guy. No girl wants to lose the love of her life so stop these behaviors that ruin a relationship immediately.

Table of contents:

  1. being a woman without her own life
  2. having a third party in your relationship
  3. not giving your man his space
  4. criticizing his life's passions
  5. being over protective
  6. be understanding and patient

1 Being a Woman without Her Own Life

This is the first on the list because it's the biggest turn off. He wants you to have your own life, he doesn't want it to about him all day every day. Go out, have your own clique, your own job, and be independent away from him. You can't depend on him for everything. You don't have to do everything with him. Men are always attracted to independent women and it goes the same way for women too; no woman wants to be with a man that's dependent on her. Relationships go both ways, it's give and take, you can't just expect from him every time.

2 Having a Third Party in Your Relationship

No man wants a woman who tells people about their problems. Sometimes you obviously feel the need to talk to someone else, but you can't do this every time. You need to learn to be discreet about certain things because it becomes worse when you bring in a third party to interfere. It's yours and his problem and only you two can solve it together. It's alright to ask for advice once in awhile or vent to your girls, but most of the time you can handle your problems yourself. Besides, too much negative talk about your man will just make your friends think he's wrong for you.

3 Not Giving Your Man His Space

Your man won't be able to share every single one of his problems. Men love their space- they want to think their problems through by themselves sometimes. He isn't going to share everything with you and you need to accept that. When something like that happens, just be patient and let him think about it on his own. As long as he loves you, he is going to come back to you. He just needs some space and time. When he doesn't open up constantly to you, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you or he's cheating on you, it's just him. Try to just show him as much love as possible and wait for him to figure it out.

4 Criticizing His Life's Passions

You don’t have to understand his passions, but don't criticize them either. Men are passionate about a lot of things. These things maybe useless or even silly, but to a man, it’s his passion and it is important to him and you need to respect that. For instance, it could be football. I personally dislike football but I don't have to criticize my man's love for it. I just choose to completely ignore it.

5 Being over Protective

It's okay to love your man and it's okay to want to protect him when the situation is right. However, you can't always be suspicious of everything he does by taking his phone and reading his messages or getting angry when you see him talking to a girl. All these things might be cute when it's a guy doing it, but when it's a girl you seem a little bit paranoid and crazy. It's a big turn off when you're too curious. Act like you don't care once in a while so he continues to chase you. Make him curious about you once in awhile.

6 Be Understanding and Patient

Some things happen in relationships that you can't comprehend. You just want to end it right away, which is okay, but in life every one has problems; even people like Beyoncé and Jay Z, Obama and Michelle, or Brad and Angelina. They seem like power couples-and probably really are solid- but I guarantee they have problems too. It's the way we choose to solve these problems that makes us who we are. A lesson to learn in life is that nothing is guaranteed. Just be patient and understanding because that might end up making your relationship last longer.

What traits have caused you to lose a man? Do you still make the same mistakes with the next relationship?

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