Men to Avoid without Seeming Picky ...


Men to Avoid without Seeming Picky ...
Men to Avoid without Seeming Picky ...

As a woman, you know there are just some types of men to avoid. Ever been out with friends, looking at guys, and someone says you're too picky? Don't take it as an insult! Maybe this isn't your first rodeo with losers, or maybe you already know what you want. Either way, these are the types of men to avoid without feeling bad about "being picky":

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Avoid Men Who Don't Show Any Interest in What You do

girl, television program, product, If a man is inattentive and only interested in sex, he's definitely one of the types of men to avoid.


Avoid Men Who Use Drugs and Alcohol to Excess

photo caption, song, laughter, You’re just asking for trouble!


Avoid Open Relationships

gentleman, girl, salaryman, screenshot, At that rate, you will never get hitched! An open relationship is just an excuse to avoid commitment and you deserve better.


Avoid Negative and Pessimistic Partners

dress, shoulder, girl, standing, flooring, These guys are no fun to be around.


Avoid Sexual Deviance

girl, phenomenon, black hair, It’s borderline abusive and degrading you.


Avoid Men You Don't Know

girl, photo caption, Take the relationship to a deeper level, and risk falling in love by asking questions and learning more about him.


Avoid Emotional Blackmail

phenomenon, human, sign language, It’s painful and the trauma can last long after so if he claims to love you, but won't commit, it's time to cut your ties and leave the relationship.

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I'm a guy, and- heh- I've dumped for other guys who have displayed all seven of these characteristics us one who was bankrupt and owed $35,000 in back taxes. Attraction to men is an instinct. We've only been really civilized for perhaps 20,000 years. They've found fragments of human skeletons that are 2 million years old. Many women cannot resist a dangerous man because primal instinct tells her that, if she mates with him, maybe he won't kill her, and will keep the others from killing her. That's why some women cannot seem to avoid relationships with abusive men. It's also why I am repeatedly friendzoned. I'm not mean and hairy enough for a woman to feels safe in the jungle.

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