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12 Things Ladies Should Look for in a Man Other than Looks ...

By Angela

Every girl has pictured her perfect guy a million times. Tall, dark and handsome or blonde-haired and blued eyed come up pretty often. We girls like to picture how sexy our guy will look and act. But there are things to look for in a man other than looks.

At the end of the day, how hot our future partner is won’t matter nearly as much as some of his other qualities. Lust and head-over-heels love fade over time, but if a guy has the whole package, not just looks, then there’s a strong chance that your relationship will last.

So, I’ve made list of 12 qualities to look for in your man that have nothing to do with looks. No one is perfect, and he doesn’t need to have all of these qualities, but hopefully, your man checks off a few of these things to look for in a man other than looks.

1 Compassion

photograph, black, black and white, person, monochrome photography, Your guy should be compassionate. He should care about your feelings and the feelings of others. If you’re guy cares, you’ll never feel alone in your relationship or in the world. Compassion is one of the most important things to look for in a man other than looks.

2 Honesty

girl, conversation, Your guy should be honest. If he screws up, he should have the balls to tell you. Being an honest man shows he respects you and cares enough about you to communicate and share his life with you.

3 Humor

photograph, black and white, photography, snapshot, girl, Your guy should be funny. If he’s funny, he’ll be able to get the two of you through the darkest times. Even dark humor can turn a situation around. Being funny also shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

4 Vulnerability

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, sky, Your guy should be vulnerable. If he feels comfortable with it, hopefully, he’ll even be able to cry in front of you. Vulnerability fosters intimacy and trust in your relationship, so it’s a huge plus if your guy is able to show this side of himself in front of you.

5 Spontaneity

crowd, audience, interaction, event, girl, Your guy should be spontaneous. This shows that he’s fun and ready to have a good time. If he’s spontaneous, you’ll never be bored, even when you’re sixty and have experienced everything together.

6 Passion

romance, love, interaction, human, kiss, Your guy should be passionate. He should be passionate about you, but he should also have a passion for something else in his life. He should have the drive to change something in this world. Passionate people inspire those around them and are contagious to be around. If you love a passionate man, this passion can extend to you.

7 Intelligence

black and white, snapshot, monochrome photography, photography, interaction, Your guy should be smart. He doesn’t need to be book smart. He can be street smart, a geek, or knowledgeable about the environment. But make sure he has a brain and isn’t just into talking about superficial things because superficiality fades fast in any relationship.

8 Conversation

beach, photograph, body of water, vacation, sea, Your guy should be conversational. When you’re not making out or having fun, you need something to fill the space. Interesting conversation and communication can make or break a relationship, so make sure he’s a person you can talk to about anything.

9 A Sense of Adventure

underwater, underwater diving, freediving, scuba diving, divemaster, Your guy should have a sense of adventure. This goes along with spontaneity, but you want to be with a person who you can share experiences with. Life, not just about the career we have or the material items we own, is about what experiences we have along the way. It’s important that the person we share our life with is also passionate about cultivating experiences as well.

10 Work Ethic

kiss, girl, interaction, human, mouth, Your guy should be a hard-worker. If you’re going to be together long-term, the two of you should contribute equally to the relationship in terms of money. Make sure you’re not putting in all the effort.

11 Loyalty

man, black and white, monochrome photography, emotion, photography, He should be loyal to you. Unless you’ve decided on an open relationship, loyalty is extremely important.

12 In Love

kiss, interaction, girl, mouth, sunlight, Above all else, your guy should be in love with you, just as much as you’re in love with him. It’s cliche, but if the two of you love each other, you’ll be able to make it through most things in life.

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