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Relationship break conversations come up in many relationships, even when the two of you really love each other. There are many issues than can lead to a relationship break, and it's important to realize that sometimes, a break is a good idea. It doesn't mean that you'll actually break up. In fact, a break can end up strengthening your relationship – it all depends on what you do when you take a break. By reading up on the benefits of a relationship break, you can see why it might be a healthy option for you.

1. Getting Space

One of the most common benefits of a relationship break is getting the space you need. Everyone needs space. If you're not used to being in a relationship or if your partner is very attentive and you're not accustomed to that, you can get antsy. You might just need some space to yourself.

Finding Yourself


Hey Ari! The same exact thing was happening to my partner and I and I gotta say, a break helped us a lot. We had been together four years and had been fighting non-stop for a really, really long tim...
I was reading this after me and my boyfriend just had an small bicker ... We love each other whole heartedly it's been a year and 9 months , and we don't see eachother too often or have sex .. we were...
Hey RRR! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to AWS! I don't exactly agree with that. My partner and I were apart for 2 months, not broken up per se, but apart. It was still understood that we were...
There's no such thing as the break. Either you're together or not. If you are - you should be getting enough space anyway, if you aren't, your relationship isn't healthy and you shouldn't be in it in the first place.
me and my boyfriend had a big urly fight before we had a break, after a couple months I really want to have a real break, to make sure the heart goes fonder or goes opposite way. I always want to make sure what is my priority now.
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