21 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You ...


21 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You ...
21 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You ...

Have you ever been dating a guy that’s been too shy to make his smooch-move? Or have you had a crush on a guy friend and wanted him to make the first move and kiss you? Whatever the circumstances, you’ve probably tried everything in your feminine wiles bag-of-tricks to get him to pucker up, but if nothing’s working, I can help! Here are 21 ways to get a guy to kiss you.

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Get an Irresistible Pucker

Do everything in your power to get an irresistible pucker and your guy won’t be able to stop himself from kissing you! Start by exfoliating your lips with a warm, clean washcloth, rubbing gently to remove dry, chapped skin and make them pouty and pink. Then use a lip balm, but nothing sticky or glittery.


Having soft, smooth lips is key to getting a guy to kiss you. In addition to exfoliating and using a non-sticky lip balm, make sure to keep your lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizing lip product. Avoid wearing heavy or dark lipstick, as it can be a turn-off for some guys. Instead, opt for a natural lip color or a subtle gloss. Additionally, practicing good oral hygiene is important for fresh breath and kissable lips. Brush your teeth regularly and keep mints or gum on hand for a quick freshen up before going in for the kiss.


Get Him Alone

Your guy might be nervous about making his move in front of a group, so do what you can to get him alone! He might kiss you without any further encouragement if the two of you can be alone for a little while.


In addition to getting him alone, it's also important to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. This could mean finding a quiet spot away from the crowd, dimming the lights, or playing some romantic music. It's also helpful to make eye contact and get physically closer to your guy, such as by sitting next to him or touching his arm. These subtle cues can help build the tension and make it easier for him to make his move. Remember to also be confident and show your interest in him, as this can make him feel more at ease and more likely to initiate a kiss.

Frequently asked questions

You can try getting closer to create intimacy, making eye contact, and using subtle hints like touching his arm or playing with your own lips. A warm smile and a welcoming posture also encourage that special moment.

Find moments to get cozy, like watching a movie together, and create an inviting environment by being affectionate. You can also look at his lips briefly to send a non-verbal cue.

Absolutely! If you're feeling confident, there's nothing wrong with leaning in for a kiss. Just make sure he seems comfortable and receptive to your advances.

Seducing someone should always involve respect and consent. Flirting and expressing your attraction can be playful ways to incite a kiss, as long as you’re both on the same page.

Pay attention to his body language. If he's leaning in, making a lot of eye contact, and finding excuses to touch you or get close, he might be preparing for that kiss.


Get Him Close

Draw him close to you, not kissing-distance close, but physically close. Wear a perfume you know he likes. Lose your balance while walking on a curb and grab his hand. Ask him for help with an itch on your back… anything that will get him closer to you!


Another way to get a guy to kiss you is by creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. This can be achieved by talking to him about personal topics, making eye contact, and leaning in closer to him while having a conversation. Additionally, try to engage in playful and flirty behavior, such as teasing or lightly touching him, to build sexual tension between the two of you. Physical proximity and subtle hints can also make him more likely to initiate a kiss. Remember to be confident and show your interest in him, as this will make him more likely to reciprocate your feelings.


Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips

Make him see your lips in a whole new light. Eat watermelon, and let it drip onto your lips. Apply a non-glittery lip balm, and let him see you do it. Pout a little. Use a lip plumper. Run an ice cube over your lips if it’s hot out. You get the idea!


Accentuating your lips naturally draws his attention to your mouth, sparking the desire to kiss you. Nibble lightly on a piece of fruit and gaze up at him through your lashes for that irresistibly flirty effect. Or, laugh softly and subtly lick your lips afterwards. It's these small, coy gestures that can send his heart racing and his mind to the idea of kissing you. Remember, it’s all about stirring his imagination without saying a word.


Use a Ruse

If only there was some way to get him close to you, very close to you… why not make up an excuse, create a clever ruse, to get him within kissing distance? Suggestions: pretend you have something in your eye, ask him what color his eyes are, tell him you’re conducting an experiment to see how close you two can put your faces together before one of you blinks.


Sometimes, it's the sneaky little games that can spark the flame. For instance, you could "accidentally" stumble and steady yourself by grabbing onto him. Or, whisper a secret, drawing him in closer to hear your words. You could even make up a game that involves getting close, like a staring contest that ends when someone's lips can't resist the temptation. This playfulness adds to the electricity between you, nudging him to bridge that final gap and plant that long-awaited kiss. Just remember, it's all in the subtlety and the ’accidental’ touch.


Make or Break Eye Contact

When he’s close to you, make, then break, eye contact. Drop your eyes demurely, and if you can manage it, blush a little. What guy can resist the flirty/shy eye contact signal?


Create a Little Tension

Make him dinner, or make a picnic lunch and feed him yourself. Tell him to close his eyes, and guess what treat’s coming next. Or, if you think he’s up for it, blindfold him to create a little tension. This is a sure-fire way to get a guy to kiss you! In fact, you’ll likely end up with more than just one little kiss!


The anticipation will send shivers down his spine, and the playful guessing game can lead to infectious laughter, bringing you even closer. As he enjoys the mystery of each taste, he'll be yearning to see the person behind these delightful sensations—you. Remember, a touch of daring can be incredibly seductive. Just as he's savoring the flavors, teasingly brush your lips against his cheek, ever so lightly. This subtle move might be all it takes for him to take the plunge and press his lips to yours in a passionate kiss.


Kiss HIM!

If all else fails, and your guy just doesn’t seem to be getting the hint (the subtle and not-so-subtle ones), why not make the move on him? Kiss him! He might have been waiting for you to make the first move!


Taking the initiative can be incredibly sexy, and it might be just what he needs to feel confident enough to sweep you into his arms more often in the future. Don't wait for him to catch up; lean in, put your hands softly on his cheeks, and plant one on him. Your bold move could spark a fire in your relationship and show him that you're comfortable with being straightforward about your desires. Remember, it's the 21st century, and waiting for him to make the first move is so last season. Take charge of the moment and enjoy it!


Flirt with Him

If he isn't great at reading your body language, then you should give him some verbal hints. Try complimenting how strong his arms look or how talented he is at flipping channels on the TV. The more you can make him blush, the better.


Flirting can be a subtle art, but it's all about signaling your interest without overwhelming him. Get playful with your words – a light-hearted tease about his choice in sports team or the way he gets so absorbed in a video game can create an intimate vibe. Of course, make sure your comments come off as affectionate rather than critical. Also, don't overlook the power of a coy smile or biting your lip slightly when he looks your way—it's like a silent invitation that's hard to ignore. Remember, a touch of sassy humor mixed with batting eyelashes tends to be an irresistible combination.


Have Good Breath

The softness of your lips is crucial, but don't forget about managing the smell of your breath. Brush your teeth before you see him, and if you plan on eating dinner with him, bring along some gum or a mint to pop into your mouth after the meal. You don't want him to pull away, because of bad breath.


Establish Long Term Contact

Don't sit on opposite ends of the couch. Now is not the time to give him personal space. You want him as close to you as possible, so try to sit in a position where your thighs or shoulders will brush. If your limbs are touching the entire time you're watching a movie, he won't be able to stop thinking about touching you even more.


Maintaining close contact is key, but subtlety is your ally. Gently rest your head on his shoulder as if you're growing weary, or "accidentally" brush your hand against his as you reach for the popcorn. This nonchalant intimacy sends signals that you're comfortable and open to more affection. Mirror his body language to build further connection, making him feel at ease and subconsciously encouraging him to close the gap. Lean in ever so slightly when you laugh at a joke or share a moment, igniting a spark he'll feel compelled to ignite.


Ask Him about It

Playfully mention the idea of kissing him. When you check the time on the clock, say, "I thought you would've kissed me by now." Or when you see a make-out scene in a movie, tell him that you bet he's a better kisser than Channing Tatum is.


Incorporating humor and a dash of daring can be just the ticket. Lean in and whisper, "You know, there's a rumor going around that your kisses can stop time. Any truth to that?" It's light-hearted yet provocative, and it gives him the perfect opportunity to prove the rumor right—or at least, attempt to! Such playful banter can break the ice, especially if there's a hint of a challenge in your voice. Just the nudge he might need to lean in closer.


Talk Close

Lean in close while he's talking to you to show that you're listening. When you reply to him, start to trail off while you move even closer. It's the strongest hint that you can give. If he doesn't take the bait, then he's probably not interested.


This intimate gesture can create an electric connection that's hard to ignore. As you lean in and your proximity closes, the tension almost calls for a resolution – a kiss. By getting physically closer, you’re subtly invading his personal space in a gentle, but suggestive manner. If you notice him mirroring your actions and leaning in too, it's a good sign that he’s on the same page. Remember, creating this cozy and intimate bubble makes it easier for that spark to ignite, steering the moment towards the romantic encounter you're hoping for. If he's responsive, a kiss might just be inevitable.


Don't Appear Desperate

It's important to send him multiple signals that show you're interested, because some boys are bad at taking a hint. However, you never want to appear desperate. If you think that he's purposely not kissing you, because he doesn't like you, then don't try to convince him to think otherwise. There are plenty of other guys out there that would love to touch your lips.


Balance is the key. Be flirtatious and engage him with your wit and charm, but also give him space to come to you. Show confidence, not only in your body language but also in allowing the interaction to breathe. Always remember that if he's not initiating, it's not your job to overcompensate for his hesitation. True attraction is a two-way street. If you find yourself constantly making moves without any reciprocal interest, it's time to take a step back. Your worth isn't defined by one person's actions (or lack thereof).


Hold Hands

Be brave by taking his hand in yours. It's a clear sign that you're interested in him, but it's not as bold as going straight for a kiss. While your fingers are intertwined, there's no way he could be confused about how you feel.


Touch is a powerful communicator, and by taking the initiative, you're conveying your comfort and desire for closeness. This gesture of affection can spark a connection that goes beyond words. As you walk together or sit side by side, allow your hand to rest in his a bit longer, giving him a gentle squeeze. This kind of physical warmth is often just the encouragement he needs to lean in for that anticipated kiss. Remember, actions can speak volumes, and in the language of love, a simple hand hold is an intimate prelude to a romantic moment.


Look at His Lips

You already know that you should try to get him to look at your lips, but you should also be looking at his lips. Glance down at them occasionally to show that you're interested in what they can do. Eventually, he'll understand.


Pretend You're Cold

If you're too shy to touch him first, pretend that you're cold. He'll either offer to turn up the heat in the house or will wrap an arm around you. Hopefully he does the latter, so you can rest your head on his shoulder and establish that it's okay to touch.


Using the cold strategy is subtly clever and often effective. It plays into a caring instinct and can quickly bridge the gap between personal spaces without being too forward. When he does drape his arm around you, make sure to look up at him with gratitude—and a hint of longing in your eyes. This silent communication is powerful and might just be the encouragement he needs to lean in for the kiss. Remember, the key is to keep the atmosphere cozy and welcoming, making the moment seem natural and unforced.


Linger on Hugs

When you're saying goodbye, make your hug count. Squeeze him hard and when you let go, keep your hands on his shoulders. You don't want to pull too far away, because he'll miss his chance to kiss you.


Keeping a fleeting brush of your fingers down his arms before you step back can heighten the anticipation. It’s like leaving a trace of your affection on him, subtly signaling that you're not quite ready for the moment to end. This lingering touch might just break down his last bit of hesitation. And, if you catch his eye while you're at it, let your smile hint that there's nothing you'd like more than for him to close that space between you once again, with a kiss.


Keep Open Body Language

If you won't face him, how will he have the opportunity to kiss you? As nervous as you are, you have to stop yourself from crossing your arms and looking at the wall opposite him. You have to appear open to being touched, or he'll think that you want him to keep his hands off.


Positive body language is key. Lean in closer to him, making sure your posture is relaxed and inviting. Let your shoulders drop and smile gently – even a soft touch on his arm can send the right signal. But remember, subtlety is your friend: you don't want to overwhelm him or come on too strong. A little eye contact can work wonders, too, letting him know through a sweet, lingering glance that you're comfortable with him and ready for that kiss.


Don't Rush It

Don't expect him to kiss you as soon as he walks into your house. You shouldn't even expect a kiss on the first date. If you try to rush things, you might scare him away. Take things slow and they'll happen when they're meant to happen.


Understanding the pace at which the relationship is moving is crucial. Listen to non-verbal cues and be patient. Wait for a moment that feels natural and comfortable for both of you. Sometimes, building anticipation can make the eventual kiss even more special and memorable. Remember, a genuine connection isn't about the number of kisses shared; it's about sharing the right one at the right time. So, relax and let the moment present itself—you'll know when it's right.


Stay Confident

It doesn't matter if he's responding well to your advances or completely ignore them--you have to remain confident. It's the most attractive quality a person could have, so don't get embarrassed. Stay smiling, and keep your calm.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking… if none of these work, then use your imagination, get creative, and get him to kiss you! The one about the picnic tension almost always works for me… do you have another sneaky way to get a guy to kiss you? Please share!

This article was written in collaboration with Holly Riordan.

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wow i actually think i'll write down all these ... i never thoguht about it before but do you think i should use them even if the guy is not my boyfriend though i know him as a friend. But im pretty sure these tips should do it anyway because he's gonna be the one drooling over me! :P

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