Call the Cops: the Guy I Work with Stole My Heart ...

We work with a certain person and suddenly we find ourselves attracted to them. What’s worse, sometimes we even convince ourselves that we have fallen in love with them. But, this sort of thing happens all too often. It is a very common workplace story around the world. Is there a reason why this story is so common? Are there reasons why co-workers start feeling attraction for each other? Is there something else at play that is affecting your thoughts, your emotions…and your sense of sanity? Here are seven possible explanations for suddenly feeling the way you do. You may be surprised!

1. You Are Probably Feeling Sexual Tension

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It is a classic scenario. For one reason or another, two people that work together closely start to feel sexual tension. After a kiss (or worse), they often recognize the fact they are completely wrong for each other. In addition, when they stop working with each other, their attraction seems to dissipate very quickly. Do not make the mistake that so many other people do and act on the feelings you have. Instead, distance yourself from the person and hang around other people, and soon you will see your feelings disappear.

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