17 Things Introverts do Once They Fall in Love ...

By Lyndsie

Introverts do things a little differently than everyone else. I feel pretty secure in saying that because I am ridiculously introverted. It took me ever so long to realize that, however, which probably explains why some of my past relationships ended the way they did – or perhaps I simply needed to find the one very special person who understands my special brand of introversion, my darling Heather. Anyway, the point is, introverts behave a bit differently when they fall in love, too. They do things for and because of their new love that are actually quite meaningful.

Table of contents:

  1. they will break their quiet time to spend time with you
  2. they push boundaries and step out of their comfort zone
  3. they slowly but steadily reveal their emotions
  4. they will slip into a crowd if you want to be in a crowd
  5. they will push themselves to go out – if you want to
  6. they'll even make an appearance at a party for you
  7. they'll want to get to know you really well
  8. they might send you little gifts and trinkets that make them think of you
  9. they notice all the details about you that people usually miss
  10. they will see your point of view but still keep their own
  11. they still like to take things slow
  12. they will feel understood
  13. they will come up with thoughtful surprises
  14. they will let you into their quiet space
  15. they might make you a playlist
  16. they might try to call you on the phone more than texting
  17. they will give you great body language

1 They Will Break Their Quiet Time to Spend Time with You

Introverts love their quiet time. They need it, they thrive on it, it's essential to them. When we're willing to give it up to spend time with someone else, that's pretty special.

2 They Push Boundaries and Step out of Their Comfort Zone

For an introvert, trying new things, doing something we've never done before, and stepping out of our comfort zones are all terrifying … unless we're doing it for someone we love.

3 They Slowly but Steadily Reveal Their Emotions

It may take us a while to trust you. It may take us a while to open up. It's worth it – for both people in the relationship.

4 They Will Slip into a Crowd if You Want to Be in a Crowd

It puts our teeth on edge, being in a crowd, but we'll brave concerts, Renaissance Faires, and Black Friday sales for the one we love.

5 They Will Push Themselves to Go out – if You Want to

We're generally happy lounging around the house reading, watching TV, or playing games, or maybe hanging out with a small, close group of friends. We'll make ourselves presentable and go out with you if we're in love, though – and we'll even enjoy ourselves.

6 They'll Even Make an Appearance at a Party for You

Introverts aren't usually fond of parties, but that's not to say we'll never go. If you're important to us, we'll make the sacrifice – but don't be surprised if we're zapped afterward.

7 They'll Want to Get to Know You Really Well

Once introverts trust someone and, even more, love someone, we go deep. After all, most of us hate small talk, so we tend to dive into the big subjects right away.

8 They Might Send You Little Gifts and Trinkets That Make Them Think of You

We're just thoughtful that way. Maybe even sentimental. Whatever, it's cute, right?

9 They Notice All the Details about You That People Usually Miss

We pay very close attention to people in general, especially those closest to us. We know the color of your eyes, which sweater you want for your birthday, your favorite Disney movie, and how beautiful your penmanship is.

10 They Will See Your Point of View but Still Keep Their Own

We're all about seeing different perspectives and understanding different viewpoints. We love it. However, we won't capitulate – unless you make a really good point.

11 They Still like to Take Things Slow

We're slow moving creatures. Give us some time. It's worth it.

12 They Will Feel Understood

Well, that's the hope, right? That the person you love will understand you?

13 They Will Come up with Thoughtful Surprises

Just because we want to see you smile.

14 They Will Let You into Their Quiet Space

Oh, yeah. If an introvert loves you, s/he will not only sacrifice quiet time, s/he will share their special spaces with you. That's love.

15 They Might Make You a Playlist

Lots of us express ourselves through music. We love looking for songs that describe something happening in our lives.

16 They Might Try to Call You on the Phone More than Texting

Actually, this depends. Some of us hate talking on the phone. Some of us get texting anxiety.

17 They Will Give You Great Body Language

We have to. We don't say much, so we're used to revealing our feelings through gestures and expressions.

Does this resemble any of the introverts in your life?

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