I Don't Love Him Anymore but He Loves Me. How do I Tell Him? ...


I Don't Love Him Anymore but He Loves Me. How do I Tell Him? ...
I Don't Love Him Anymore but He Loves Me. How do I Tell Him? ...

It’s a difficult predicament to find yourself in. You don’t love him anymore but he still loves you. You want out but it seems so complicated to accomplish. These 7 tips can help you to get out of the relationship without causing him or yourself any more hurt than necessary.

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Resolve to Be Kind

person, photograph, black and white, facial expression, photography, First and foremost, resolve to be kind. Breakups can bring out the worst in people. Don’t let that happen to you. Decide ahead of time that you’re not going to be bitter or vengeful. It can be tempting if your soon-to-be ex acts badly but you won’t regret that you didn’t stoop to that level.


Think about What You Want to Say before You Approach Him

person, hair, blond, singing, profession, Breaking up with a man that’s still in love with you isn’t something you should do on a whim. Make sure you take time to think this decision over and that it’s what you truly want. If you’re sure it is then start thinking of the best way to tell him. The end goal is that you go your separate ways with as little bad feelings between you as possible.


Be Honest and Open with Him

blond, person, woman, mouth, singing, The best way to break up with someone is to do so honestly. Don’t make up an excuse as to why you want out. Be honest, be open and be ready for questions. It’s very normal for someone to have questions when you want to end a relationship with them. That’s especially true if they didn’t see a breakup coming.


Be Truthful about What You See in the Future for the Two of You

person, It's, the, truth., One of the questions your soon-to-be ex may ask you is what you see in the future for the two of you. Be truthful. Not only will he be able to sense your honesty but it’ll help him to move on more easily. If you think you could possibly work things out and get back together at some point then share that. If you know that only friendship or even just being casual acquaintances is what you want then it’s okay to state that.


If There’s a Reason, Be Sure to Tell Him

blond, hair, eyebrow, person, hairstyle, He’s very certain to ask you why you want to go separate ways. If there’s a reason then he deserves to know. If he’s done something hurtful that you can’t move past then share that. Not only is it the right thing to do but it can help him to not repeat that mistake in a future relationship. And if the reason is you’re bored or just don’t feel you’re clicking anymore then explain that, too.


Be Careful Who You Confide in

person, singing, film, When you’re considering breaking up with your boyfriend, be careful who you confide in. Some people just want in on the gossip. Some people can appear caring but in truth, they really aren’t. Only confide in your closest friends and family. Additionally, someone who’s not trustworthy might spill things to your boyfriend before you’re ready for him to know.


Be True to Yourself

person, profession, YOU, HAVE, TRUE, Lastly, be true to yourself. If you’re sure you want out of the relationship then get out. Don’t force yourself to live a lie! Breaking up is hard to do but you’ll get through it and find happiness if it’s what you truly want. Just handle your breakup with compassion and integrity and everything will turn out alright.

These’re some tips to help you break up with a guy that still loves you. It’s not easy but you can get through it. Are you in this position?

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