7 Common Problems when You First Start a Long Distance Relationship ...


Long distance relationships are HARD! Guest contributor Belinda Ma shares some common problems that plague us all at the start of a LDR.

At some point in our lives one of our relationships might be forced to turn into a long distance relationship because of work or well… life. Here are some common problems you should prepare yourself for when you start a long distance relationship and some suggestions on how you could overcome them and make things work.

1. Different Time Zones

The purpose of being in a relationship is to share experiences with each other, but it could be quite difficult if you guys have different schedules. Your partner might have spent half the day at work already and you’ve just gotten out of bed. Now a lot of people tell couples that are in a long distance relationship to talk daily and that’s not a bad thing if you guys have the time, but let me tell you through experience; you sleeping at 5 in the morning and your partner waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t going to work out in the long run. I’m not suggesting you don’t talk at all but maybe cutting it down to twice or thrice a week is better. Of course you could always leave him sweet text messages to look forward to.

Friends and Family Influences


True.. I have been in one My first crush my first love But he's back and now everything seems perfect
Jen Kornfeldt
understanding and patience are the key.. although its easier to say than doing but i believe if u both love each other.. everything will be worth it in the end.. its very nice article.. i can relate alot on them..
Long distant relationships are very challenging. I'm in one now and we are at a point where one of us have to move. And seems to me he's making excuses. I'm recognizing the RED FLAGS. It sad but I'm g...
I'm facing the difficulties of different time zones.. 💔
I just have text msg arguments😁
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