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My single friends claim there are very few places to meet your potential partner. I say, "You're wrong!" People looking for the loves of their lives are everywhere. Literally, everywhere! I've met quite a few flings and boyfriends in hotels, bars and birthday parties, but I met my husband in the place where I least expected to find him: online. So don't worry ladies, the world is still a stage and there are plenty of places to meet your potential partner:

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Include here trade fairs and exhibitions and you're in for a wide variety of places to meet your potential partner. My favorite part of conferences is the open forum when participants are invited to pose questions to a panel of speakers. Oftentimes, I just find the intelligent, attractive ones in this crowd. Watch out for those sensible, handsome men in suits! Next thing you know, they'll be asking for a place in your heart.



Okay, I admit it! When I was single, I hoped that I would be seated next to a good-looking, nice-smelling guy on an airplane. I don't mind being cramped in a seat. Why pay more for a business class seat when you're beside someone who makes you feel giddy? So yes, gather all the positive forces of the universe next time you take that plane and tell yourself, "See you, seatmate!"



They may be overrated but everybody knows that bars fall under the classic, standard list of places where people go in the hopes of finding that very special person. Just make sure you're not drunk when you spot him in the crowd. Blurry vision doesn't help when you're in search for the future love of your life.



I find this very romantic - looking for a copy of a new book and bumping into a cute, nerdy guy who's looking for the same one. I personally love bookshops because it tells you that a potential partner knows his literature and takes time in reading books. If you still don't find him in the bookshop, no worries. The books will point you to him. Just keep reading!



I think that cafés are places for people who just want to chill and see the world go by. This is exactly the situation I am looking for; giving me time in scanning the room for viable candidates. People here are normally absorbed in their own little universe so most of them don't know you're checking them out. I found a great person in a coffee shop and to this date, he remains a good friend.

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The Gym

My nurse-friend went through a depressing divorce and was left with a child to support. She was 25 then. She refused to date anyone for 15 years until she met her guy in the gym where she works out. Treadmill chats turned into snack talks to coffee times then dinner. I stop here. Yes, they are married and expecting their first child.


Language Courses

I met my Spanish ex-boyfriend in a language class. He didn't become my husband because I am now married to an Italian American but it was one of those relationships that I truly cherish and one that made me a better person.

When all of these places fail, I suggest taking a break or going to the spa to get a massage. I know where you're coming from and I know it feels like you're going to end up alone forever. But take it from me. Sometimes you just need to relax. When we look too much, we won't find what we are looking for. Any suggestions about things you can do while waiting for The One?

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Great places

also when a guy looks at you, are you're interested in him, smile at him and maybe wave. I know so many women who just just blush and walk away saying to themselves "oh my god! that cute guy was looking at me!"

Except for bars leave that one to its own

Met my love at the bar 💛 you could also meet through mutual friends

I met my soon to be "official" girlfriend online, we are both into physical fitness & personal trainers so I struck up a conversation about working out..

Uuuuu number 5. Friendzoned!! hahaha

At the laundry matt

I met my love at the one place I said I never wanted to meet my mate. A bar however we have been going strong for going on 4 years.

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