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7 Things to do That Will Bring You Closer Together ...

By Donatella

Relationships are like roller coasters: they go up and they go down, but don’t be scared because there are things that bring you closer together. Not every relationship needs to end in a break up or an argument. Most times, all a couple needs is spice! If you’re going through a rough patch, here are some things that bring you closer together.

1 Date Night

Having weekly date nights is one of the best things that bring you closer together. You’ve probably seen the movie Date Night, right? Even though the couple in the movie felt strangled in the role of sameness, having an adventurous date night brought Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s characters together. The key here is being adventurous. Make sure you break out of the “norm” in your relationship and do something different! Humans crave change, so spice up your love life with new things!

2 Compliment Each Other

Who doesn’t love being complimented? It’s human need to feel accepted and to feel appreciated, so whether you’re a man or a woman, a compliment can go a long way. If you feel that maybe he doesn’t compliment you enough or doesn’t recognize the little things you do for him, start complimenting him and see what happens. Sometimes a little reverse psychology will open his eyes.

3 Decide to Have Open Communication

Relationships will almost always fail without communication between the two parties. Think about the relationship you have with your best friend or roommate/housemate. When you two don’t communicate, what happens? Exactly. The same holds true in a relationship with your man. Sure, not all men enjoy communicating and may hesitate to do so, but being honest with each other and talking things out will be your best lifeline.

4 Agree to Disagree

Sometimes you can’t see eye to eye and that’s OK. Accept the fact that woman are from Venus and men are from Mars – there will be things you guys do not 100% agree on, so just agree to disagree rather than constantly fighting about something or dragging a disagreement on too long.

5 Take Some Time Apart

A great way to get closer is actually to spend some time apart. Everyone needs a little alone time and TLC every now and then. Ladies need their ice cream, girlfriends, and spa get-aways and men need their drinks, man caves, and video games. Spending time apart can also be a great test for a relationship to see how each party feels apart and how their bond stands when they come back together. More often than not, when couples just take a little breather it will ultimately bring them closer together.

6 Surprise Each Other

We have loved surprises since we were little babies! Surprise birthday parties, surprise gifts, surprises on Christmas…you get the idea. So wouldn’t it only make sense that your partner is hoping to be surprised every now and then too? As I previously mentioned, variation and spice are needed in everyone’s life. Therefore, surprising your man with his favorite dinner or buying him tickets to a game he’s been wanting to go to will instantly put a spark in your relationship!

7 Have Fun

Girlfriend, remember you’re not an old married woman who should feel tied down to a man as if your life is over. You’re young, you’re beautiful, and you deserve to feel like a kid and have fun in your relationship! I have too many friends who get together with their boyfriends just to cuddle and watch movies on the sofa at home. Where is the fun in that?! Go out! Go play mini golf, go to the movies OUTSIDE your house, mingle with other couples, go bowling…anything! Adding fun activities to your relationship is the cherry on top.

Enjoy the time you spend with each other. If you’ve been dating there is obviously a reason why you’re still together. As long as your relationship is focused on love, trust, and respect then don’t let a little fight or disagreement ruin the potential for greatness. Take hold of these tips and work things out. What brings you and your boo closer together?

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