5 Common πŸ”„ Stereotypes of Women πŸ‘© That Men πŸ§” Take Too πŸ’― Seriously πŸ˜’ ...


Even though we are in an amazing year for womankind in 2018, there are still too many common stereotypes of women men believe exist. This world we are living in is filled with stereotypes. Some of them are true some are completely wrong. When it comes to the communication between men and women there are some stereotypes for both genders. And again some are true, some not so much. Here is a list of the most common female stereotypes men believe exist.

1. Women Are Amazing Cooks

This is a very common stereotype. Partly because men tend to associate all the women with the ones already in their lives (mothers, sisters or others) they are usually under the impression that every woman out there is an amazing cook. And they are in for a surprise since cooking skills are completely unrelated to someone’s gender.

All Women Want Children


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