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10 Things ALL Guys Wonder about Girls ...

By Sici

There are lots of things guys wonder about girls. For as long as boys and girls have been attracted to one another, the male species has been simultaneously fascinated and confused about the so-called fairer sex! To guys, the inner working of the female psyche is something completely foreign to them, and this leads to lots of different questions coming up.

For fear of being labelled as creepy or nosey, boys will often keep quiet about their individual queries, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less eager to hear an answer! To put it bluntly, boys are so obvious and simple that there isn’t much about them as a species that evokes the same kinds of questions, but when you flip the switch and open up the floor for the gents to pass questions our way, you would be surprised by the kinds of things that they want to know about!

To men, women are mysterious, elusive, and enigmas that possess lots of different traits and do lots of different things that they cannot fathom. Whether it is to do with romance, or their beauty regime, or the way that they interact with their best friends, the things that seem completely natural to us girls can seem crazy to guys! If you want to take this a little deeper and see exactly what I’m talking about, then watch this great video that features ten things guys wonder about girls. Maybe you have been asked about some of these in your time!

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