6 Myths about Men That Are Completely Not True ...


6 Myths about Men  That Are Completely Not True ...
6 Myths about Men  That Are Completely Not True ...

There are so many myths about men that aren't true. Men… Those mysterious creatures that have us wondering. One moment we love them, the other they infuriate us so much we wish they lived on a different planet. There are certain myths that women believe about men. They are not entirely true but not entirely false either. Like all myths they do hide a certain truth though. Check out the most common myths about men that aren't true.

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They Are Immature

Yes and no. It is a common opinion that men are less mature than women and also they hit maturity later in life than women. Most people will blame it on society or the mothers who are known to have a special love for their boys and not let them emotionally grow up as soon as women. Now whether a man will grow up and continue to be as immature as a teenage boy is kind of his personal choice. It doesn’t mean that they will all be immature or that someone that is not immature won’t relapse on immature behavior. How to deal with it? Talk to him. He will listen.


They Don’t Care about Their Looks

Now that is a joke. It’s the women that are rumored to care about their looks so much that they will spend hours in front of a mirror making sure every single hair on their heads is in place but men do that as well. This just got out of bed hair he is sporting? Most likely he spent at least an hour in front of the mirror to make sure it looked effortless. And he might not spend his afternoons walking around at the mall but he will still stand in front of the mirror to make sure his shirt matches his pants and his shoes.


They Will Only Turn to Look at You if You Look like a Model

Only half true. When a beautiful woman walks by he will turn to look even if you are standing right next to him and you are the love of his life. It’s in their DNA. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you or he doesn’t think you are beautiful. It just means that he has eyes. Don’t read too much into it and don’t get jealous. Besides, let’s admit it. When a handsome man walks in front of you, you are going to turn to look too. Even if you are crazy in love with your man. Women are just more discreet when they do it.


They Don’t Want to Talk about Their Feelings

Total myth. They do want to talk about their feelings. They just don’t. Whose fault is it? Society’s again. And the strong male image that projects. When you are down and sad about something you can imagine calling your friend and talking about it. Now can you imagine a man doing that? It’s not that they don’t want to. It’s that it is more difficult for them to admit they had a bad moment and need some advice and comfort.


They Act Indifferent Because They Care about You

Half true. Men might act indifferent when they have a crush on you because they want to act cool and check if you actually have any interest in them before they make a move. But there is also the possibility that they really are indifferent. If you are interested, look out for other signs because indifference won’t provide you with the answer you are looking for.


They Are Not Emotional

A myth. Just because as mentioned previously they do not want to talk about their feelings it doesn’t mean they don’t feel. They feel love, sadness, frustration, anger and everything else as much as women do. They just won’t talk about it. A lot of them will bury their feelings deep down and not say a word about it. But they still have doubts, worries and strong feelings. Let him know you are there for him when he needs you but don’t push him into talking.

There are a lot of myths about men. As many as there are about women. Before you rely on those myths about the men in your life, talk to them. They might surprise you. And even if those myths were true, there are always exceptions. Give the men in your life the benefit of the doubt. They will appreciate it.

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