10 Creative Ideas for Date Nights at Home ...

Everyone can appreciate a few fun, inexpensive ideas for date nights. Let’s face it, between our busy schedules and tight budgets, we have to sometimes think outside of the box to enjoy some alone time with our sweeties! Here are 10 creative ideas for date nights at home that are inexpensive, a tad romantic, and a lot of fun.

1. Cuddle up with a Movie

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There is no need to drop a bunch of money on a night to the theater. Keep the money in your pocket and watch a movie at home. There are plenty of fantastic movies waiting for you on Netflix. Grab a soft blanket and cuddle up on the couch with your honey! When it comes to ideas for date nights, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

2. Unpack Those Board Games

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Monopoly, Life, and Risk are not just games for kids. These are a fun opportunity to connect, laugh, and even get a competitive for your significant other. Make some snacks and settle down with your favorite board games for free date night at home.

3. Camp out under the Stars

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Do you have an old tent hiding in the garage or basement? Go set it up in the backyard, grab your sleeping bags, and camp out under the stars. There is nothing more romantic than snuggling beside a campfire. Roast some marshmallows, talk about life, and just reconnect.

4. Sex Begins in the Kitchen

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You’ve probably heard someone say, "Sex begins in the kitchen!" and it could definitely be true. Spice things up by taking on a new recipe. Pick something that you’ve never cooked before and then prepare your dinner together. Even if the food doesn’t turn out right, you will have fun flirting and spending time together over the mixer.

5. Have a Wii War

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Video games are fun for grown-ups too! Pull out your favorite Wii games and have a little competition. My husband and I love to duke it out in a heated game of Dr. Mario. Make it even more interested by placing bets… winner gets a foot rub!

6. Just Talk

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Sometimes the best way to connect is to just talk. Turn off the television, shut off your phones, and really spend time together. You can talk about work, the kids, your dreams, or the weather. Just take some time to talk about life together.

7. Grab Your Favorite Book

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If you both need a night to just relax and unwind, try reading together. Take turns reading to each other from a favorite book while you sit by the fireplace.

8. Tackle Some Home Improvement

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Are you dying to paint the kitchen, but you just haven’t had time? Take a date night to work on it together. Not only will you enjoy spending time together, but your kitchen will look great in the morning!

9. Plan a Big Adventure

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Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Grab your laptop and plan a big adventure. Check out travel websites to decide where you want to go and then surf the Internet for great attractions and look for good deals. Sometimes the best part of a trip is planning it. Make sure you enjoy this step together.

10. Take Time to Remember

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If you have been drifting your separate ways lately, maybe you need to take time to just remember why you fell in love in the first place. Watch your wedding video or browse through albums of photos from your first months and years together. You will find yourself rehashing old memories and soon you will remember why being together was such a great decision in the first place.

Don’t let a lack of money or busy schedules keep you from enjoying date nights with your sweetie. Just get creative and think of ideas for date nights that would help you reconnect with your significant other. What is your favorite way to spend time together? I’d love to hear some more great date night suggestions from you!

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