9 Things Your Date Might Ask You about That You Should Have an Answer for ...


9 Things Your Date Might Ask You about That You Should Have an Answer for ...
9 Things Your Date Might Ask You about That You Should Have an Answer for ...

First dates are so fun, but they’re also a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know some things your date might ask you. Dates aren’t just about looking good, though that is important, but they’re also about showing the other person who you are. Be sure you know some important things your date might ask you so you can show him your best and most honest self, and not be caught stammering for an answer.

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Your Job

One of the most important things your date might ask you, and probably will, is all about your job. Be prepared to talk about it, and be positive about it. While it might not be your dream job, put a positive twist on it, and if you’re in the market for a new job, mention it. You never know how your date might be able to help you network and find new opportunities. Give a brief background of your job, but don’t go into dramatics if it’s really bad. That’s a real downer!


Your Family

If you have a happy family background, then you’ll have no trouble with this one, but for many people, talking about your family can be a painful issue. Sadly, your date might not know to avoid this issue, and that’s not your fault. Don’t act shady, or it might scare him away. Instead, just be honest and share a little bit with your date. Whatever you do, don’t get emotional or he might see you as unstable. If it’s an uncomfortable issue, just make a brief statement and move on with another topic.


Your Hobbies

Most likely, your date will want to know about you and what you enjoy. This shouldn’t be a hard question, but should be one you’re prepared to talk about.


Your Religion

Though it’s seen as cliche and to be avoided, if your date is really interested in a relationship, he might ask you about your religion, even where you attend church and if you go regularly. Be prepared to talk about this, and never lie. You’re not at a formal dinner, where this topic is often avoided, and this is an appropriate question that someone you could possibly end up dating has the right to care about.


Your Friends

Another topic your date might ask you about are your friends. He'll want to know what kind of people you enjoy being with, and what that says about you. It’s nothing to lie about or be nervous about, just be prepared for it.


Your past

Another topic your date might ask you about is your past. It might be an easy or hard topic for you to discuss, but either way, one you should be prepared for. If it’s painful, give a brief background, but don’t lie. Just move on to another topic.


Your Morals

Honestly, I’ve had first dates ask me what I thought about premarital sex, smoking, political party preference, drinking and stealing. I’m not even kidding. I felt like I was on a jury trial! Obviously, these issues were easy for me to talk about since I had a great set of parents that gave me great morals to live by, but still, I was a little shocked! You should be prepared, however, because this is a perfectly legitimate topic for a date to ask. After all, wouldn’t you be curious what your date thought about these topics?


Past Boyfriends

What a sticky issue this can be! Be prepared to be asked about your old boyfriends. While some men will avoid the topic, others will want to know all about it. Handle it like a lady and don’t be dramatic.


Your Future

Lastly, your date will probably want to know what your five, ten and even twenty year plan looks like. Don’t be over the top, but instead, be honest and let him know what you’re hoping and thinking about for your own future. Most men just ask this because they’re interested in who you are as a person, not grilling you like you’re in an interview competing on The Bachelor.

If you’ve ever been on a first date and had someone ask you a crazy question, do you mind sharing? Or, if you have a question about first dates, and what to avoid, share that here too!

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I needed this two weeks ago. but my date went well. we've been on two more dates since

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